Thankful Turkeys and Spuds on hold!

The Effie Yeaw Nature Center is 5 minutes away from my home. It is always fun to spot the wildlife found grazing. The deer roam freely, and the wild turkeys are easy to find. Here are some turkeys that are thankful they didn’t land on your table.


Much has been said about the timing of the two holidays, Thanksgiving and Chanukah. At first thought I could see celebrating both together. Everyone is in one place, “Let’s celebrate!” But I could not get into changing traditions for this one time event. I would rather keep my turkey and latkes separate. Now Chanukah will wait until my persistant cough fades away. Cough! Cough! Then I Will be cooking latkes with apple sauce.

Until then I will be taking a vow of silence, drinking much fluid, and getting advice from everyone. My husband took a tour of the “Cold Isle and brought me home some of the current remedies. Maximum strength cough syrup made not a dent. Drinking tea with lemon had me running to the bathroom before another cough erupted. Then I tried a fizzy drink that now works on cold symptoms. This brought back memories of the drink Fizzies. After the fizz my cough seemed to slow down. Not a moment too soon since I feel like I have done over a hundred sit-ups.

Got me thinking of all the cold remedies from the past. I remember standing in a bathroom enhaling steam, drinking tea with honey, the ever popular Vapo Rub, and cough drops that tasted like cherry candy. My mother had a recipe that combined a raw egg yolk and chocolate powder. This European remedy makes me gag at the thought, but then I had no choice and had to finish it. Probably this was looked upon as a special treat when you were sick. What kind of cold remedies do you find work, and which ones do you remember from the past. All I know is that if someone has a cold I get out my big pot and make that tried and true “Chicken Soup.” ¬†Again the turkey is spared.



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  1. Jessicah December 17, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    I love the Effie Yeaw Center too. It’s one of my favorite local hikes and I love that I can find deer and turkeys here. They are so beautiful. Once I was taking a photo of this beautiful deer that had stopped for an inordinate amount of time. I thought, oh how sweet, this deer is holding still for me. But as I looked closer, I realized the deer was actually happily taking his bathroom break. I can’t even look at those photos…

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