iPhone Apps improve Photographs

One reason to keep a photo instead of deleting it would be the amazing things that an app can do to improve it. This fall I took this not very impressive photo. My class assignment was to use a variety of apps to change the image.

This is the recipe for my photo conversion:

Here is the original photo


Next I use the Snapseed, a free app for my iPad. I used HDR scape with filter strength 50.


Photogene is used for saturation boost using the preset Landscape.


Pic Art  Frame was used to create a Polaroid look using Instant Frame 2


I continued to use Pic Art Show to  create Light Leak 5 and Paint Drop Noise and Vignette.


In the final image I used Lens Flare to add yellow gel, scratches and red flare on top. This is part of an assignment to create an image in a specific style. In my opinion I like the image before the yellow gel was added.

c51-6_ Lensflare.JPG

What a difference a few quick apps make.

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  1. Jessicah December 17, 2013 at 9:17 pm #

    I agree, loved it before the yellow gel. I liked the original picture already, but you really made it pop with those filters. I want to like your posts but it won’t let me, so I have to comment. Awesome photo, lady.

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