Resetting Photography 

Up, Up and Away!
Up, Up and Away!

2015 and my photographic journey is on the right track. My enthusiasm for spotting new images is reved up. This journey to find the right combination has been a bumpy one.

I use my camera to get out and explore life. It gives me a purpose to get out of my comfort zone. I have been searching for a way to connect with other photographers. Joining meet-ups, and enrolling in classes have yielded few meaningful results.  I met many photographers, but their goals took them on a different path. Trying  to connect online has been frustrating. I want to share but I often feel I am talking to myself. I took down my website after three years, and two hacks. I guess the “bots” we’re able to find it, but that wasn’t the feedback I was looking for.  Flickr allowed me to share images, and I like the feedback, but I have concerns when someone selects my image as a favorite, and I see few images on their own Flickr site. Suspicious. Entering my work in online contests and getting a first place and other honorable mentions did feel good, but Phozzl closed down the website. Another dead end.

This year I determined that my photography is important to my well being and with camera in hand I set out. On the third of January in the cold early foggy morning I set off to meet local photographers down by the American River. Exchanged small talk and then set out to capture nature’s beauty.  At the end of the shoot I was asked to join a group going out to breakfast, I accepted and the connection deepened. This local group is active on Facebook and my next photo shoot was at the Aerospace Museum of California.  It is here where I met a fellow photographer who shares a like interest in exploring life through the lens of her camera.  Enthusiasm renewed, and a partner to share it with! Win, win!

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