New Photo Processing Techniques for Old Time Downieville

Headed north of Nevada City, Ca. with some local photographers. Greg shared his knowledge of Sierra County. He is an historian and knows where to go for interesting photos.

First stop was the South Fork of the Yuba River. I stopped there before, and there is an obvious difference in the river level. We made our way towards Downieville, and stopped at the Oregon Creek Covered Bridge. Built in 1860 to serve the mining and logging community, this bridge crosses the Middle Yuba River and is now only used by pedestrians. Apparently in 1883 a dam burst and moved the bridge 50 yards. While returning the bridge it was installed backwards. This 155 year old bridge has undergone changes. A tin roof  installed 50 years ago helps handle the snow loads.

Oregon Creek Covered Bridge
Oregon Creek Covered Bridge
Oregon Creek Covered Bridge 1860
Oregon Creek Covered Bridge 1860

This is either the oldest, or one of the oldest covered bridges in continued use in western United States. Graffiti adorns the inside and I’m glad to have photographed the Oregon Covered  Bridge now on the National Register of Historical Places.

5 bracketed images are combined to create this second image. This technique allows me to process the photograph using HDR.

About 300 people live in Downieville, our next destination. Greg shared some of the colorful history about the lynching of Josefa Segovia in 1851. She was also known as Juanita. Anne and I were hungry, and Greg wanted to share a favorite pizza place, but all eateries were closed for the winter. We headed to the General Store and grabbed some “junk” food. Downieville attracts tourists during the summer time, so we benefited from a quiet experience to take photos. Again, I bracketed for a processed look.

Downieville Assembly of God Church
Downieville Assembly of God Church

Before heading back we stopped at the Post Office for a photo opportunity. I saw this house with a picket fence, and when I processed it I used Nik software Silver Efex Pro 2.


Greg asked me if I wanted to move up to Sierra County. How would you answer this? Would you be tempted to live the quiet life?

Have a couple of other posts coming soon, so stay tuned!

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