My Photo Adventure in Bodie

The abandoned ghost town of Bodie is located in the Eastern Sierra Mountains at an elevation of 8,375 feet. I carefully planned my day of photography. From previous experience, I knew about altitude sickness, and I didn’t want a repeat. I kept my camera gear to 2 lenses, and I brought plenty of water to help keep hydrated, sunblock and a hat. This State Historic Park is located 7 miles outside of Bridgeport. The last 3 miles are on an unpaved dirt road. Along with Laura and Anne we headed to Bodie early.

Paved road ends. Bodie ahead. Paved road ends. Bodie ahead.

In 1859 gold discovered and the rush was on.

Gold Miner Gold Miner
Bodie Historic Plaque Bodie Historic Plaque

The Standard Mining Company in the 1870’s made mining profitable and the boom was on.

Bodie Methodist Church in Monochrome Bodie Methodist Church

The town’s population reached 8,500 and there were more than 2,000 buildings. Mining brought other businesses and the town grew.

Bodie Hotel in Monochrome Bodie Hotel
Filler Up in Bodie Filler Up in Bodie

As an old telephone operator I enjoyed see this switchboard located in the Bodie Hotel.

Reflection in Bodie Hotel Window Reflection in Bodie Hotel Window

Decline of profits happened quickly, and by 1886 the population dwindled to 1,500 people. In 1932 a fire destroyed much of the town and only 10 percent remained.

“Arrested decay” is the description for the town of Bodie.

Boomtown in Bodie started in 1877. Population of 8,500 and more than 2000 buildings. 1886 population was 1,500. 1932 fire left only 10 percent of the town. One of the few buildings you can enter.
A snapshot of what life was like
Town of Bodie in 2015 Town of Bodie in 2015

This is part 1 of my photo journey into the California high desert.





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