Family Reunions of the Crises Kind (Part 1)

Sometimes they occur during a time of crises. Sometimes family reunions happen under good circumstances and are planned in advance.  In the past two weeks I have experienced both kinds. It comes as no surprise that I found the second reunion more enjoyable. More about that in another post.

As I mentioned in the previous post my parents lost the ability to care for themselves. Physically my father  at 96 is frail. He depends on his walker completely, spends much of the day in bed sleeping, and has some problems communicating. This is due to hearing loss and some processing issues. My mother is now legally blind due to macular degeneration. The routine of spending every day in bed proves the saying, “If you don’t use it, you loose it.” I listened to their outer voices, paid attention to their needs, explored possibilities, and finally found a new place for them to call home.

Once the decision was made I called my brothers to help with this move.  Moving into an assisted living takes a lot of preparation. It is not just the regular things when moving. Now there is down sizing, TB tests, doctor visits, and paperwork. I soon realized that I would need to start the ball rolling. At times my parents accepted this outcome. Then they forget and choose to baulk at making a move.

My brothers arrived in Sacramento for a 5 days of packing, and moving fun. The three of us are so different in our approach to life and this really became evident the more intense emotions got. Crises family reunions show that we are family, but ideas and emotions can bring out past hurts. But then again, friends are chosen, and family is family!

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