The Stuff Surrounding Us 

Shall I extend my living space into the garage? Or incorporate and recycle into my home?
Shall I extend my living space into the garage? Or incorporate and recycle into my home?

August 25 my parents move into assisted living.  Early September the second stage of this move began. Downsizing. Is it easier to downsize for yourself or for someone else?

My parent’s 2 bedroom apartment has plenty of places to store belongings. Huge linen cabinet,  a room-size storage area, and two walk-in closets contain a plethora of stuff.

The kitchen space is easy to empty. No need for any cook ware at FountainWood. Mini microwave eliminates larger dishes. Knives already out of the apartment for safety reasons.

Linen serves as useful packing material. Pillows and blanket are also set aside for packing. With medicinal items dates matter so this an easy call. I follow this rule when I downsize my wardrobe.  If I didn’t wear it during the season it is a candidate for donation but this doesn’t work for someone else. Cotton tee shirts make great rags. Comfortable shoes count above style for me, and the empty shoe boxes are repurposed. Decorations, collections, and odds & ends end up on a table. Quickly selected or unchosen and set for donation. The place empties slowly. I take all historic documents, photo albums, Rolodex, and address book. I need to be careful going through all the drawers and papers. I find photographs tucked between papers and I don’t want to inadvertently throw photographs out

On and on, room by room the place empties. Some things mean something my brother. Other items find a home with me. Some pieces of furniture replace older ones at my house. A Cosco Step Stool has always been in our house while growing up, so my brother took it because he said it was in his DNA. Little by little my parents things are incorporated into other homes. A new life for stuff.

My garage is temporarily storing furniture until I can get it moved into place. Then I need to decide what stuff I should eliminate.  Cycle, recycle, and decide what has meaning in my life.

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