Baby Countdown – Final Week

By next week I will be welcoming my fifth grandchild into the world. Because gestational diabetes bumps up this pregnancy to high risk, baby Lucas and mom Rachel are carefully monitored. Lucas has until November 23rd to make his appearance naturally.

Something new to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Planning for this holiday has gotten complicated over the years.   At the start of my marriage I participated in two dinners. In-laws served dinner early, and a short car ride to my parents and another dinner. Family spread out, and work schedule often would not allow time for travel, and I started to make Thanksgiving at home. Kids grew up, and new issues have left me up in the air about the holiday. The big family dinner around the decorated table never happened.  When my parents lived independently at Eskaton I would have dinner with them. In theory, this sounds nice. Someone to take care of the work, sit sown and have an enjoyable meal. But this was not the case. My Mom did not want to take part, my Dad did not hold up any kind of conversation, and I ended up in a sad place. Then off to my daughter’s house for a second dinner.  With new baby in the mix, plans are again up in the air.

Since my parents have moved to FountainWood, assisted living, they have not visited my home.  Many familiar pieces of furniture are now part of my home, and this may prove problematic.   I’m not sure if my parents would do well with a bit of chaos from kids, pets,  and change in surroundings. Tried to take Mom and Dad out for lunch for my Dad’s birthday, and that didn’t work out at all.

I have to decide. Safe and quiet and guilt ridden. Or chaos and guiltless sadness. This is probably why so many television episodes and movies have comedic twists on this holiday. Check out some funny Thanksgiving disasters as you decide on holiday plans.

I'm watching you.
I’m watching you.

I have mixed reactions to seeing all the family dinners served to us in television commercials. So much food to  prepare for one day, but  I do love leftovers.  I’m glad that there is less “Black Friday” craziness. Some stores remain closed on Thanksgiving.  After all that food is prepared, and all the family comes together it seems a shame to get up and leave for the mall.

But first things first.  Birth of Baby Lucas. Followed by Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas season, Eli’s 4th birthday and New Years to round out the 2015 year.

Baby contractions and calls from Rachel have me up finishing this blog.

One last photograph from my turkey collection.

Turkey Face Off
Turkey Face Off

November 19th would have been my father-in-laws 91st birthday. One of the good guys! RIP Jerry. May be a good day to be born!

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