Baby Time

One month ago I welcomed my grandson Lucas. This is my daughter’s fourth child and her experience makes a big difference. My first grandson  18 years ago came to my home from the hospital and I was completely involved.

This time I visit and get to take photographs. As a newborn Lucas spends most of his time sleeping. It is not a quiet kind of sleep.

Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping
Feeling full

I forgot how much one baby moves and grunts in his sleep. Watching a sleeping baby can be like watching a tv program.

Baby Thoughts

His expressions change, and I wonder what he is thinking about. Sometimes, a red face then a relaxed face.

Is that a yawn?
Now I’m ready. Where’s my Mom? I’m hungry.
Sweet Face
A Private Joke


It is sweet to see Eli come over, kiss the baby’s head, and say, “He is so cute!”

Big Brother Love

For these photographs I used my Nikon D7100 with a 35mm 1.8 lens. I know I should use my reflector to improve my portraits, but I don’t often have a helper. This time my grandson, Eli helped. For the second session, I didn’t have his assistance, and I can see the difference.

My mirrorless camera, Olympus OMD E5 grabbed this last shot. For a smaller camera I still like to capture quality images and since it is smaller than my dslr I have this camera with me all the time. Natural light was used to capture this picture.

4 weeks old and totally content!
4 weeks old and totally content!

Other siblings will get in the picture tomorrow. Big sister is getting over a cold.
Next capture may have Lucas looking around?








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