Photography where you find it.

Spending time at FountainWood Lodge I passed on my Camera Totin’ Tuesday.  Pulled out my camera during some of the activities, and began capturing images. The large well lit lobby provides such nice lighting for my photographs.

So many activities happen in the lobby.  Last year when I looked for an assisted living place I found many residences had well decorated lobbies, but I didn’t see this space being used. Here at FountainWood something is always happening. Love on a Leash, all kinds of musical entertainment, and games such as Trivia, and Crossword puzzles take place here.

“Patsy Cline” gets a resident up and dancing
Resident joins Patsy in song
Working out the steps
Patsy sings to a fan
Everyone is involved by choosing a name for a favorite animal


My Mom enjoys lunch with a western theme
Libby is becoming a familiar part of  FountainWood 

I haven’t been able to get out and shoot with my photo friends since I have been taking care of my Mom. She is doing better than I expected. Before she didn’t get out to participate in the activities because she was part of a couple. Now I am encouraging her to get out of her room. Soon I will start to make some time for myself, and get out with other photographers.

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