Scavenging Old Sacramento.

My right hand is on the mend, and I can once again hold my trusty D7100.  With Old Sacramento as the destination I joined my CTT friends in a Scavenger Hunt. 50 items and about 2 hours I didn’t give in to any pressure. I wanted to pay attention to how I captured the image.

This scavenger hunt added a photographic design element to many items. The usual suspects included rule of thirds, leading lines, and repeating patterns. The last item repeating patterns was actually repeated. More unusual ones: do what a sign says, you can smell it through the photo and topsy turvy pushed my creativity. And getting a very low perspective may have pushed my physical endurance on this warm September day. Probably would not have been able to get up!

Funny group pic!
See the list?  Funny Group Pic, one and done.
Careful, broken glass and tears ahead.
Careful, broken glass and tears ahead.
Something Scary. Getting in the spirit of Halloween!
Think we can catch up to the trains? Gotta hurry. Railroad tracks and leading lines.
Bicyclist following leading lines
Bicyclist approaching not ready to stop.
Reflection of me and my CTT friends.
My reflection with my CTT friends. (CTT = Camera Totin’ Tuesday) We are retired, so we photograph during the week when it is quiet.
Larger than life, but I still prefer the real thing!
Larger than life, but I still prefer the real thing!
Something cold the enjoy on a hot afternoon.
Enjoying something cold on a warm afternoon.
Love my creamy Bokeh!
Love my creamy Bokeh!
Can you smell the popcorn?
Can you smell the popcorn? Getting hungry! I also like the side lighting.
Bottoms Up!
Bottoms up! Here is my bottle.
He just wanted to park for a while.
He just wanted to park for a while. Here he does what the sign says.
Unusual number of Odd items
Unusual number of odd items.Pattern repeats.
Just tickled my fancy.
Just tickled my fancy.

This scavenger hunt produced some interesting results. It is a great way to get out, have fun, enjoy good company, and practice some good photographic techniques. I will keep this list for another time because it challenges me to look around and improve my images. Not much photo processing this time. Because I am getting used to holding my dslr I only used my 18-200mm lens this time.

Happy Snapping!

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