To Every Season …

Patiently waiting has reaped some major rewards in the month of November. New house, new baby!

We moved into our new house on Halloween and gave out candy in two locations. Smooth move thanks to Fuller Moving Service. Making this house into a home is a piece of cake.

My new home

Expect stress when you haven’t moved for 32 years. All the uncertainty, planning and waiting brings up doubts and fears. In my case stress leads to eczema. Usually relief is found in my photography and my Libby, but I am too busy for long walks and photo outings. I found some relief by using ice packs.

I had a three month timetable to move, and that helps relieve some of the stress. Planning and packing carefully helps me stay organized. Making lists and crossing off completed jobs works for me. Packed away all the extra dishes, books (we have plenty), decorations and tchotchkes. This makes the home look more like an impersonal house, and almost ready for sale. With the exterior painted, and a deep cleaning by Tico’s Cleaning Service the house was ready for Dale Apodaca at Coldwell Banker to sell. Five weeks later we are in contract. All is going according to plan. Sounds like smooth sailing now, but there were some bumps in the process.

There was this small matter of breaking my thumb. Purple cast for a month in the hot summertime.

On November 28 I called my insurance company to end my ownership at Wyman Drive. Still working on closing accounts, and changing addresses. No small task in this age of Homeland Security.

November 23 was Thanksgiving and I really wanted to celebrate in my new home. This holiday always said home to my mother and father, and I feel the same. David served as chief shopper and chopper, and together we were ready. Joshua, Annie, and Lincoln drove in from Richmond. Isaac and Alyssa joined us. The Kohut’s helped with this first holiday in Fair Oaks. My daughter’s family was focused on the next BIG event.

Wyatt Arthur Dennis entered our world at 2:08 p.m. on November 27th. All 8 pounds even and 21 inches perfect!

Presenting Wyatt Arthur Dennis

His middle name Arthur recognizes my father, Wyatt’s great grandfather.

Now I can focus on my photography!

One thought on “To Every Season …

  1. Wow. Just reading about all the work of your move made me tired:). Congrats on your new digs! And on beautiful grandbaby. Sounds like your 2018 is starting with a delightful bang!


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