Capay Valley Welcomes Photographers

Day started with a down pour, and so we postponed the start of our Tuesday photoshoot. Rained seemed to let up. Thought that if it stopped our photos would benefit from good saturation of color, and puddle reflections. Anne and I started off. We thought that the rain was right since we didn’t have Greg along.

Karen lives in Woodland, and she joins our Tuesday group. She is our guide to the Capay Valley. Our first stop is Esparto.

I can tell that there is a feeling of community in this town.

Art students create mural for town
Esparto shows its pride
Tree bark feels like paper
Road Trip Bar & Grill
Veteran’s Memorial in Esparto behind Road Trip
Gas Station Repurposed

The rain ended. Headed into the Capay Valley. This agricultural area located north of Woodland is known for the annual Almond Festival in February. This tradition started in 1915. Small and mid sized farms dot the road. Organic and farm fresh sign greet you.

Newly planted green field surround farm house
Fertile land meets the hills
Giant  Grain Silos

Rain left and the sun tried to make an appearance. Bright green complemented the cloudy sky.

Love the clouds
The sun hits for a moment and the grass sparkles
Cache Creek

The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation governs the newly developed Cache Creek Casino Resort. Started in 1985 and called Cache Creek Indian Bingo. This is the largest employer in the area.

Enjoyed the view from the Cache Creek Golf Course


Tree in Winter

Heading home from this short outing. There is still more to explore in the Capay Valley. Things will look different in a couple of weeks when trees will be blossoming. I’ll be back.

Karen warned us that we would see something odd around the bend. Didn’t expect to see a  Helicopter Bus. This is the best photo I could get, but I needed to capture this. I wonder what is the story behind this vehicle. Looks like the propellor was placed on top of this bus. But why?

What? Seeing is believing!
My puddle picture
Clouds and a Great Tree on this rural road
The sun sets on an orchard

My photo journey for Tuesday is done. My friends and I are working on a new name for our group. To be decided next week. I had a great day!


Week 1 of 52 in 2016 – My Project Starts

As the first week of 2016 comes to a close I embark on my new photographic project – one image each week posted here, on my Flickr site, and with my Facebook group, Sacramento Photographers. I plan to take most images during the week posted. Occasionally I will try a new processing technique to give a new look to an older photograph.  I like the Flickr group, Give us your best shot!  And that is what I plan to do!

The site of Dry Creek allows me to see changes with the seasons. This past weekend the weather was colder, and downed logs and debris was more visible.

Week 1 of 52 in 2016:

I see my journey starting here. A familiar place that changes over time.

Dry Creek after some rain

Hidden away I spotted these colorful fungi.

Fungi nestled in leaves
Fungi nestled in leaves

This moustacheiod giant sleeps soundly.

Sleeping Giant
Sleeping Giant

Delicate flower gone to seed. Wonder what it will look like in Spring?

Simply Complicated
Simply Complicated

A lonely tire swing reflects on its current dilemma.

Tire Swing Awaits Summer
Tire Swing Awaits Summer

I always see friends ready to pose for me!

Wild Bird Poses
Wild Bird Poses

I enjoy my photo outings!