Ananda’s Crystal Hermitage Gardens

Two months ago I visited Ananda Village. It is located in Nevada City, Ca. This place of natural beauty is a hidden gem in Northern California. According to the literature provided, “Ananda started in the late 1960s by Swami Kriyananda. It is one of the longest existing cooperative spiritual communities in the world and is home to about 250 on 800 acres.

The garden began in the 1980’s and the day I visited the tulips were putting on a show. Just take a look.

Tulips planted and color coordinated
Planted over a few months so that the blooming season is extended.
Love the way the colors pop
Such a peaceful location


Along with the tulips, the Dogwoods were blossoming.
Can you tell I like the Dogwood blossom?
More Dogwood blossoms. I prefer the white ones though.

This is a memorial to Swami Kriyananda.

Moksha Mandir (Temple of Soul Liberation)
I liked the color and shape of the Temple
A splash of coordinated color
Sunlight through the tulip
Unusual texture for a tulip
Where does this peaceful path lead?

Swami Kriyananda wrote,”Increasingly I was coming to see Crystal Hermitage (in terms of) light, space and harmony.” “Everywhere, I decided, there should be a sense of space, of expansion. Everyone who came here should be blessed with a feeling of peace and of joyful harmony.”  I think he succeeded.




Nature Photo Sharing Positively

Getting out with friends for a day of photography is how I get positive energy. My group of photo friends continues to grow, and our weekly shoots are great. I use Adobe Lightroom CC to organize and edit my images. I am up to date, and I set up a collection of my best photos from each outing.

I recently purchased the Nikon 70-200mm f4 lens, and I am pleased with the results. When I select a lens I take into consideration the quality of the glass, and the weight of the lens. I don’t want it to be too heavy that I dread carrying it around. This is a solid lens and it can be used with both a full frame and crop sensor camera. I use it with the Nikon D7100, a crop sensor.

UC Davis Arboretum provided the backdrop for this post. This is a place I like to return to because it changes so frequently. Today I chose to take a closer look at nature.

Bee hard at work
Couldn’t resist this amusing situation the tree found itself in!
Yellow Jacket, pretty to look at, but I kept my distance with my new lens.
Plant looked like all eyes were on me. Don’t know what kind of fruit was developing.
Love the Dogwood Tree blossoms.
Past glory. The play of colors caught my eye.
Splash of color.
Green Heart. Love!

Several walking bridges cross Putah Creek. Students have placed Love Lock messages along the way.

Love Lock
Happy Pine Cone Camper!

Hope you enjoy this closer look at nature. Getting out and looking at the world around me is good for positive karma. Take some time this weekend!