Healing Time

I watched my Dad pass away. Arthur Rubinstein died on Tuesday September 13, 2016 at 5:25 a.m. The days that followed either seemed to fly by in a blur or stand still. I can’t decide. The funeral took place two days later as part of Jewish tradition. The family gathered and a few friends of mine from the Second Generation community joined me. My Dad wanted, and received a Jewish burial in  Home of Peace Cemetery  in Sacramento. Rabbi Taff performed a meaningful service and my brothers Edward and Alan, son Joshua and I spoke.

Cards of condolence, emails, and hugs come to me. If I haven’t said this personally, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

My friend Anne organized a nice meal of condolence. By the next day family departed for home. That part was hard.

I need to help my Mom adapt to life without her husband of 69 years. Now my focus is on my Mom. She is 91 years old, and her memory and grasp of the present changes. I visit with Mom each day.

My emotions are on hold for now. Each morning before I get out of bed my Dad is with me. So many good memories to think about. But then I get out of bed, and start planning the day with my Mom. The next few weeks will be hard. The High Holidays are upon us. And then feeling lost on what would have been his 98th birthday on October 9th.

My dog Libby is put to work. Each day we head over to FountainWood. Libby is the perfect happy therapy dog. She loves the attention. Perfect behavior around the residents, and  the staff welcome her. Best of all Libby provides needed distraction for me and my mother.

My Libby Love

I have so much to say, and yet it is hard to put anything meaningful online. I have photographs I plan to put together in my story board, but it is still too soon. I look at the pictures, and my mind freezes. So I will close and mull over my thoughts some more.

My Dad shared his love of photography with me. So I leave this post with a photograph of my Dad with his camera. I love you Dad.


Taking a Day to Stay Home

I felt like cocooning today, and I succeeded. So what does my day look like when I am not pulled in all directions. I call this catching up on cleaning, laundry, and paying bills. Time to get this done.

My dog Libby follows me around, and I enjoy spending time with her. Happy to have me home, and all to herself she looked at me with a yearning. I ventured out into the backyard, got her to run crazy eights, but I couldn’t be persuaded to take a walk.

My Libby Love
My Libby Love

Maybe I wanted to see if I could actually have a day at home. uninterrupted. No phone calls, no messages, no emergencies. Liked the quiet time.

Afternoon, I settled down at my computer and downloaded and reviewed my photographs. Think I need to turn off the world more when I am out on my own. Note to self,  “Leave cell phone in the car when I am out exploring the world with my friends and camera.”