Big Basin Redwoods State Park

I had an opportunity to go to San Jose with my friend Anne. There we met up with another photographer Nia, and headed to Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Santa Cruz Mountains

This park is located in Santa Cruz county and is 20 miles from San Jose.The Redwood Trail Loop is an easy .7 miles flat loop through some very old, very large Redwoods. This trail is recommended for families with young children.

Friends head down the path

The day was cold and damp, and we decided that as photographers this would suit us. Estimated time given is less than an hour. Three hours later the three of us completed the loop. With each step I saw something I needed to capture.

Redwood Roots

The trees with burls, moss and lichen filled my imagination and sd card.

Look for it!
The gangs all here
Some kind of face
What’s under the top layer?
Redwood down
Burned Out

Many of the images here helped me complete a story that has been spinning around in my mind. I often see faces looking at me when I am out photographing the natural world. The picture book is called, Faces All Around Me!

Looking at a platypus. Can you imagine?
Redwood Swirls
Slice of Tree
Up, Up, Up
Very focused
Mushrooms and moss
Along the Redwoods Trail stands the “Father of the Forest”
Say Cheese! Kind of hungry at the end of three hours.

By this time the rain arrived, and we headed out. We were ready for some hot cocoa, but there was little to be had at snack bar.

Stopped for one quick photo in the rain, and then went in search of some hot liquid refreshments.

Fog and rain in the Santa Cruz Mountains

By including me in this photo outing I discovered this enchanting place. Thank you Anne.







Napa Valley is alive with Moss and Mustard!

Out for a day with photographers from the Exploring Photography Meet-Up. Couldn’t have planned for a more perfect day. Met at my house with 3 photographers to drive up to Napa Valley.


Picnic lunch at a Winery. Had a delicious Turkey and Cranberry sandwich. Passed this wonderful expansive cheese display.

Mustard thrives among the grape vines
Mustard thrives among the grape vines
Yellow Mustard Flowers grab the spotlight.
Yellow Mustard Flowers grab the spotlight.
Do you see the Man in the Moon?
Do you see the Man in the Moon?
Trees laden with Hanging Moss.
Trees laden with Hanging Moss.
Rusty Wire creates a pleasant abstract
Rusty Wire creates a pleasant abstract
Upside down face
Upside down face
Oh No!
Oh No!
Lace-like moss hang from tree
Lace-like moss hang from tree