Grass Valley Street Scenes

I do not photograph a lot of architecture, but when in Grass Valley the subject presents itself. At first I wanted to capture the building itself. Flag flying, columns, an official seal. But without specialized lenses the buildings are leaning in all kinds of directions. I don’t know what is happening with the building on the right!


Nevada County Bank

The only information I could find about this building is that in 2015 this building was up for sale. The architecture’s classic style really shows through in this second photo.


I love the dome!

This Grass Valley Public Library has a classic look. At first I took a photograph eliminating parked cars, but with the cars the library feels used. After leaving Rough and Ready I didn’t want a ghost town feel for this library.


Grass Valley Public Library

This Art Deco theatre continues to serve as a theatre since 1940. Not sure which photo does it justice. Cars or traffic? In this case I may have opted for no traffic. What do you think?


This is another view of the theatre. Now imagine the scene with cars from the 1940’s?


Couldn’t resist taking a picture of the very mellow dog.


Bernese Mountain Dog


Some eye candy I found in a little shop on Mill Street


Cute onesie in a shop window. Note the CAPITAL letters!


A perfect bench fit for some ice cream

Less than 5 minutes away is the North Star Mining Museum. Visiting at the end of the day does not do this museum justice. This is a small museum packed with history about gold mining. I taught 4th grade for many years and in the spring the main focus was the California Gold Rush. I’m sorry that I did not know about this place. The friendly volunteers are very knowledgeable. And there is so much to take in that I know I will be back, and stop here earlier in the day.

Wolf Creek runs along the museum, and I took some time to photograph the running water with a slow shutter speed.  I like the way the sun plays upon the water, creating colors. I see a face peeking out on the right. Do you?


Wolf Creek


Wonder about this stone sculpture in Wolf Creek. Looks like a whale on top to me.

This is just a tiny sample of this museum. This assay office and its importance to gold mining was explained in detail.


Assay Office

30 foot Pelton Wheel is an original working machine. This museum was built around this wheel. It is amazing to see in person. All types of mining equipment is found at the museum, along with the effect of mining on the environment, economy and the people of the region.


30 foot Pelton Wheel



Humble beginnings.


Just liked the patterns

I will be back to see more of this little North Star Mining Museum. Yes siree!!!

The Getty Center: Art, Architecture and Gardens Oh My!

Much to my surprise I found a “real” attraction in Los Angeles that doesn’t require a bank account to enjoy. Nothing intentionally fake, or glitzy. Solid entertainment.

While living in Southern California about 35 years ago I visited the Getty Museum, now called The Getty Villa. This second campus, The Getty Center opened in 1997, and I spent a day taking in some of the art, architecture, gardens, and wonderful views.

Parking is the only expense to enjoy this venue. After parking I took a tram up the mountain to the entrance.


Tram run from parking facility to the entrance


One of many outdoor sculptures


Having some fun



Visiting with my brother

The only way to describe this place is VAST!  The architecture is large.1606_12_Getty_1000280



The garden area seems to be part architecture in nature.

With the diverse nature of the flowers, I imagine that the look of the garden changes continuously.


Combination water sculpture, garden area, and wishing well



The architectural details astound from the inside. Looking down.



Or looking up.


The building frames the view of Los Angeles


View of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean


Another view looking out on the Getty Center and another garden


There is a research center on this campus

The day is over, and the tram is ready to take us back to the parking garage


Even the tram line pays attention to architecture and gardens


Thinking about the beach, and so I sampled from the artist.

The art work inside included all genres, and from all time periods. Exhibits are constantly changing. To find out what is new there is a very complete website.  Should I find myself in the area I will make a return trip.





Paid a house call to the Museum of Medical History

On Museum Day 2015 my friend Anne and I headed over to three museums. From the list of open museums this little known one caught my attention. I was not disappointed. It is facinating to see how quickly caring for the sick transformed over the past 100 years.

Iron Lung use to treat Polio patients

Iron Lung use to treat Polio patients

Lamp placed outside pharmacy to warn about disease

Lamp placed outside pharmacy to warn about disease

Is this the result of too much touching?

Is this the result of too much touching?

Phrenology is the study of the structure of the skull to determine a person's character and mental capacity

Phrenology, a pseudo-scinece believed the study of the structure of the skull determined a person’s character and mental capacity. Briefly popular in the 1700s but lacked scientific evidence.

Well some work, and some provided no real benefits. I like the name of this device.

Well some work, and some provided no real benefits. I like the name of this device.

Nurses had much to do.

Nurses had much to do.

It is a start. It was better than the alternative!

It is a start. It was better than the alternative!

Used by my ob-gyn to hasten the arrival of my son who was interferring with his vacation.

Used by my ob-gyn to hasten the arrival of my son who was interferring with his vacation.

Who remembers this baby? This looks so "yesterday!"

Who remembers this baby? This looks so “yesterday!”

House call, a thing of the past

House call, a thing of the past

Found a face staring at me!

Found a face staring at me!

Aerospace Museum of California

Been in Sacramento for over 30 years and I still find new places just 10 minutes from home that I have not explored.

Meet-up at this museum was the perfect place to work on some photography techniques. Still need to master HDR, work on Macro shots, and just get familiar with my new camera.

US Navy Blue Angels’ fighter

Harley Davidson Army Motorcycle