Another Scavenger Hunt but this time in the graveyard

Picked the location for the next CTT outing. Back to the Sacramento Historic Cemetery. My husband thought that creating a scavenger hunt bordered on the insensitive. I thought otherwise, and so the trip was planned.

This is such a beautiful setting. Full of reminders of our historic past. Volunteers each tend their garden area with such passion. Flowers bloom throughout the year. Bulbs, roses, succulents, perennials, and annuals. And if you stop one of the volunteers you will learn a lot about gardening.

To add a bit of interest to this outing I created a photographer’s scavenger hunt. No prizes awarded, just a new way of looking for photo opportunities.

The bright sun worked hard to warm up the day, but the wind blew harder. Seems like the mild winter is showing its force these last few days of February. The record hail storm the night before even made national news. Looked like it snowed in Sacramento, but it was actually many inches of hail. Did not see this in Fair Oaks, but one of the gardeners came to the cemetery to check on his flowers. Such devotion.

I looked up a number of lists for this scavenger hunt, but I created my own to go along with the venue. The most surprising thing I did not find was Roman numerals. I just thought that there would be easily found. Not!

Starts with the letter P


Something Red




Looking Up


Informational Signs




Seedling in a Crack demonstrating Rule of Thirds. This was 3 in 1 find




Garden Tool_DSC9810

Environmental Portrait






Decorative Metal Work, and Light Leak


Religious Symbol





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Spending time outdoors with my camera and friends makes my day.

Enjoy each day, and until next time.


Gemini and Personality Two

My astrological sign is Gemini and up till now I didn’t feel like the definition fit. But looking at an Internet definition a Gemini is, “Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face.” Ok, I may be indecisive at times. And the tug of war between going out to be with others, or just staying contently alone at home may fit. Yup, I’m a Gemini when I come to think of it. Probably explains why I’m busy sharing my life in this blog, and why  you just don’t hear from me sometimes. Just saying.

Here are some Sacramento Zoo photographs I captured in twos.



Just helping remove a bit of schmutz.


Thanks for pointing out my imperfections,



I can spit further than you!


If I stay very still, they may think that they are seeing double.



I will follow you…


Hold me, squeeze me, never let me go…



Is the photographer still there? I’ll come out when she is gone.


We are there for each other.

And today I am in a sharing kind of mood.

People who need people are the luckiest people, or so they say. What do you say?

Until the next time.


It’s been a while and how I became a “Stoner”

Two attempts have been made to update you on what I have been up to. And it happened again just now. I start an entry, get into a flow and it just disappears. As they say, the third time is a charm. Not sure who “they” are. Anyway here goes. I will be careful.

I had just settled into my new home, met my newest grandson and was finishing up cleaning up, and selling my Wyman Drive house when I developed a severe pain on the right side of my back. An x-ray revealed a large kidney stone that I was told would not move or cause me any problems. Wrong. So in January, after a procedure, the doctor proclaimed that the stone had been blasted (lithotripsy) into easily passable grains of sand. Three weeks later my urologist determined that my stone was pretty much intact, and a new more invasive procedure was needed. So I started February with surgery, and a stent. Pain meds helped me along. In April another x-ray will reveal where I stand with regard to my stone making ability.

I am trying to be proactive about this new talent of mine. Reading what I should and should not eat as a “stoner”. Looking for foods low in oxalates, low sodium, low protein, and high calcium, and ways to keep hydrated. Reading food labels in a new way. Trying to figure out how to combine this with a type 2 diet for my husband. The beginning of the year I planned on going on Nutrisystem to loose a couple of pounds. Looking at all The prepackaged foods my guess is that the sodium levels would be off the charts. Still learning, reading, becoming part of the delightful community of gem makers.

Till the next time. I will post this before it disappears into the ether.