Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #150 Let’s Get Wild

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photography Challenge, let’s get wild!  Dianne is talking about Mother Nature untouched and untrammelled, allowed to get on with her work without human help or hindrance.

Looking through my images I am more inclined to capture images with human interactions. My travels haven’t taken me far from home.

Squirrels take up residence in the trees.
And a dragonfly lands on a bush in my backyard!

I did manage to take a trip to the Island of Kauai with some of my photo friends.

Beautiful Kauai
Nene, official Hawaiian bird
Turkeys strutting their stuff
An Egret returning to the nest
Youngsters following along!
A wild discovery at Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael, Ca.
Finding nectar in the wilds of Kauai
Northern California coastal fog

Sorry, this wild blog may seem a bit scattered. My very special doodle, Charlie is in the hospital. His liver is not working to its best. The doctors are trying to figure this out. HIs numbers are quite unexpected for a such a young dog. Think good thoughts that Charlie will be home with me soon. We have never been apart.

Hope Valley Autumn


Two hours from Sacramento is Hope Valley. For this Tuesday my friend Anne and I head out to find some Autumn color. My Dad passed away 5 weeks ago, and it is time to look outward.

Traveling on Route 50 we stop in Strawberry. This unincorporated town was a stop for the Pony Express in the 1850’s. Strawberry Lodge was my introduction to snow in California. When my kids were little we came here to go sledding.

Granite cliffs call to me. Do I see some faces there?

The south fork of the American River in Strawberry, Ca.

This Dodge truck just fits in this space

The Sierras in the distance have been dusted with snow.

Back on Route 50 we will turn south before Lake Tahoe

We stop for lunch at Sorensen’s Resort in Hope Valley. Great lunch. Cabins, pond, fire pit, rustic charm, and topiary make for fun picture exploring. This is just how I like to spend time out photographing with my friend.

Just Fishin’

On the lookout for picnic baskets, Bo0 Boo!

Imagine Relaxing with a Good Book

After a summer it is great to see Aspen color

Rain fell in the Sacramento Valley during the weekend leaving a dusting of snow along the Carson Pass at an elevation of 7800 feet.

Caples Lake located in the Carson Pass

Many Sacramento photographers recently posted a cabin in the woods.

Cabin in the Woods



Goodbye Hope Valley. Glad to spend time wandering around just looking for beauty in nature.


Visiting the Gold Country

Sacramento spring appeared quickly, and everything bloomed at once. Didn’t make it up to Daffodil Hill this year. Blooms started early, rain cancelled plans, and then the ranch closed early. Instead Plymouth and Sutter Creek provided the venue for our photo adventure.

Stopped at an Amador County Winery and enjoyed the peaceful scene of a weekday morning.

Serene Reflection at an Amador County Winery
Serene Reflection at an Amador County Winery

Headed to the Amador Flower Farm in Plymouth with the idea to use my Macro 60 mm 2.8 lens.

Just missed my fly dinner!
Just missed my fly dinner!

Ugh! Bugs!
Ugh! Bugs!

Daisy Flower in Pink. proclaims, "Spring is Here!"
Daisy Flowers in Pink proclaims, “Spring is Here!”

The Amador Flower Farm displays playful garden art.

Goofy Garden Art
Goofy Garden Art

Water Sculpture provide relaxing sounds. I see a face! Do you?
Water Sculpture provide relaxing sounds.
I see a face! Do you?

Remember the useful “Red Wagon”.  Here are some waiting to be put to use at the Amador Flower Farm.

Red Wagons at rest.
Red Wagons at rest.

Time for lunch and Ann and I headed to Sutter Creek. On Main Street we found a Mexican Restaurant, Pepita’s. The food was delicious, and the service was perfect.

This area was central to the California Gold Rush. Some of the buildings in Sutter Creek try to maintain an old-time look , but  traffic and new businesses blend a revitalized spirit.

Sutter Creek Welcome
Sutter Creek Welcome

Bronze Work in front of Gallery
Bronze Work in front of Gallery

This dog sculpture has been here for a while.  I think that there is a new sign advising visitors to be mindful of their manners!

Don't Pee on Me!
Don’t Pee on Me!

Took a walk a couple of blocks off Main Street and came across these abandoned houses.

Two Abandoned Houses!
Two Abandoned Houses!

Then we returned to Sacramento about an hour away. A nice way to spend the day!