Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #137 Soft

My next Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Soft. Anne-Christine asks what does the word Soft mean to you? Is it something that you touch? Is it the undefined notion that is the opposite of hard? Is it the contrast to sharp from a photographer’s point of view? This is not so simple a concept.

My first thought was that of a baby. We want everything about this new being to be soft. Soft blankets, soft toys, soft skin, soft colors, and soft sounds Nothing hard, or harsh. We want the world around us to be soft and welcoming.

The soft touch of father and son.

Only a week later, my Charlie joined the world. We follow his first developing steps on a webcam.

Charlie arrives home at 7 weeks.
His fluffy soft fur needs tending to. Every evening we bond over grooming

Nature softens the world around me.

Light falling softly on this lotus flower
The dandelion flower pod beakens us to spread its seeds with one soft blow.

My most favorite photographic technique is shooting with a large aperture setting. This narrow depth of field clarifies the subject. This blurred background is called the bokeh. I pay particular attention to this when deciding to purchase a lens for my Fuji x system.

My featured photograph is that of clouds. Soft, fluffy and white. What do you see? When you hear the work “Soft” what comes to mind?

Sacramento Historic Cemetery

I find quiet time photographing at the Historic Cemetery in downtown Sacramento. Interesting to look at the writings left on the gravestones. Notice the details of life expectancy, family size, distance traveled to get to this final resting space. Also a time to reflect on my own life,

No rushing today to capture a moving subject. Time to get out the tripod. Time to enjoy the company of a new friend.

I liked the intricate work and the way the light fell on this marker.

Poetic message of peace.

Looking Upward

Nature changes as the seasons pass. This time the Sacramento Winter provides some cool, bright skies. In a few months Spring will be here.