Simple breakfast interrupted

Each morning I wake up to my dear husband bringing me fresh squeezed orange juice. Right now we are just picking the last of the oranges off of our tree.

This morning I awoke to the sound of my grass being mowed. Thought, since I’m not sleeping in I may as well make French toast for me and my husband. I haven’t made breakfast in forever. Usually French toast using rye bread is something I reserve for my grandchildren.

I have patiently taught all my grandchildren how to make French toast.

Eli making French Toast

But it hasn’t occurred to me to just make it for us grownups. But this time I just felt like starting the day off in grand style. Table set, coffee made, orange from our tree sliced, real maple syrup poured, and French toast cooked.

And just as I was ready to drink my coffee and read the paper I glanced down at my Libby Love and noticed a large red gash on her foot. OMG.

Libby Love

Called the vet, and had 15 minutes (for a 25 minute drive) to get her to the doctor. Once there, the doctor took one look and said, “This is bad!” The toe will need to be amputated. There is nothing left to stitch up. I did not expect this outcome.

We left her there, and waited at home to hear that she was out of surgery. In a few minutes we will be picking up my darling dog. Libby has been through so much since November. What we thought was a blown out knee turned into either a bone infection, or tumor. Now I suspect that it is a tumor that is increasingly pressing on her nerve. My guess is that she doesn’t understand why her foot feel wrong.

My dear little, very expensive cone head, Libby

I know what that means, because I am just 4 weeks from my spinal surgery. No such surgery available for my poor dog. Now we have recovery time and hope that she doesn’t do this again.

Healing Time

I watched my Dad pass away. Arthur Rubinstein died on Tuesday September 13, 2016 at 5:25 a.m. The days that followed either seemed to fly by in a blur or stand still. I can’t decide. The funeral took place two days later as part of Jewish tradition. The family gathered and a few friends of mine from the Second Generation community joined me. My Dad wanted, and received a Jewish burial in  Home of Peace Cemetery  in Sacramento. Rabbi Taff performed a meaningful service and my brothers Edward and Alan, son Joshua and I spoke.

Cards of condolence, emails, and hugs come to me. If I haven’t said this personally, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts.

My friend Anne organized a nice meal of condolence. By the next day family departed for home. That part was hard.

I need to help my Mom adapt to life without her husband of 69 years. Now my focus is on my Mom. She is 91 years old, and her memory and grasp of the present changes. I visit with Mom each day.

My emotions are on hold for now. Each morning before I get out of bed my Dad is with me. So many good memories to think about. But then I get out of bed, and start planning the day with my Mom. The next few weeks will be hard. The High Holidays are upon us. And then feeling lost on what would have been his 98th birthday on October 9th.

My dog Libby is put to work. Each day we head over to FountainWood. Libby is the perfect happy therapy dog. She loves the attention. Perfect behavior around the residents, and  the staff welcome her. Best of all Libby provides needed distraction for me and my mother.


My Libby Love

I have so much to say, and yet it is hard to put anything meaningful online. I have photographs I plan to put together in my story board, but it is still too soon. I look at the pictures, and my mind freezes. So I will close and mull over my thoughts some more.

My Dad shared his love of photography with me. So I leave this post with a photograph of my Dad with his camera. I love you Dad.



Grass Valley Street Scenes

I do not photograph a lot of architecture, but when in Grass Valley the subject presents itself. At first I wanted to capture the building itself. Flag flying, columns, an official seal. But without specialized lenses the buildings are leaning in all kinds of directions. I don’t know what is happening with the building on the right!


Nevada County Bank

The only information I could find about this building is that in 2015 this building was up for sale. The architecture’s classic style really shows through in this second photo.


I love the dome!

This Grass Valley Public Library has a classic look. At first I took a photograph eliminating parked cars, but with the cars the library feels used. After leaving Rough and Ready I didn’t want a ghost town feel for this library.


Grass Valley Public Library

This Art Deco theatre continues to serve as a theatre since 1940. Not sure which photo does it justice. Cars or traffic? In this case I may have opted for no traffic. What do you think?


This is another view of the theatre. Now imagine the scene with cars from the 1940’s?


Couldn’t resist taking a picture of the very mellow dog.


Bernese Mountain Dog


Some eye candy I found in a little shop on Mill Street


Cute onesie in a shop window. Note the CAPITAL letters!


A perfect bench fit for some ice cream

Less than 5 minutes away is the North Star Mining Museum. Visiting at the end of the day does not do this museum justice. This is a small museum packed with history about gold mining. I taught 4th grade for many years and in the spring the main focus was the California Gold Rush. I’m sorry that I did not know about this place. The friendly volunteers are very knowledgeable. And there is so much to take in that I know I will be back, and stop here earlier in the day.

Wolf Creek runs along the museum, and I took some time to photograph the running water with a slow shutter speed.  I like the way the sun plays upon the water, creating colors. I see a face peeking out on the right. Do you?


Wolf Creek


Wonder about this stone sculpture in Wolf Creek. Looks like a whale on top to me.

This is just a tiny sample of this museum. This assay office and its importance to gold mining was explained in detail.


Assay Office

30 foot Pelton Wheel is an original working machine. This museum was built around this wheel. It is amazing to see in person. All types of mining equipment is found at the museum, along with the effect of mining on the environment, economy and the people of the region.


30 foot Pelton Wheel



Humble beginnings.


Just liked the patterns

I will be back to see more of this little North Star Mining Museum. Yes siree!!!

Local View of Napa

Another Tuesday, and I am off to Napa Valley. I thought this would be a return trip to a familiar place. Wineries, galleries, and grapevines. Wrong. I was treated to an insider view of the beautiful landscape.

First stop Solano Lake Park.


Lake Solano Park


What do you see? I’m always seeing something. This time, a kind of rabbit. Or the shape of one of my grandson’s stuffed monsters

I looked up the Monticello Dam and found out that this spillway provides a safety valve during an El Niño. I guess I will need to make another visit since California is still in a drought. The concrete structure inspired this photograph.

Monticello Dam curves

Monticello Dam curves

Across from the dam a highway crew was shoring up a cliff to prevent a rock slide. I got the opportunity to photograph as the workers were scaling the sides since we had to wait for a lead car.

Cliffs found near the Monticello Dam

Cliffs found near the Monticello Dam

Highway crew scales cliff

Highway crew scales cliff

The Butter Cream Bakery located in Napa provided us with a real local dining experience. Yum!

I took this photo and processed it two different ways trying to get a feeling of the age. Dull versus extreme bright colors. Which do you like?


Butter Cream Bakery in Napa

Butter Cream Bakery in Napa

Does this bring back a 1950’s feel?


Or does the bright colors take you back?


Mustard flowers grow along grape vines

Mustard flowers grow along grapevines

Mustard blossoms all around

Mustard blossoms all around

Napa Valley view westward

Napa Valley view westward

Alpaca graze in the Napa Valley

Alpaca graze in the Napa Valley

Napa Valley Grape Vines and Mustard

Napa Valley Grapevines and Mustard


Ditto pokes his head out to say hello

Ditto pokes his head out to say hello

More concrete forms. What is it?

More concrete forms. What is it?

Tree in winter

Tree in winter


Wine Bottle Art Sculpture


Main Street in Napa at the Golden Hour.


City of Napa 

Hope this shows a different side to the Napa experience. Traveling with my camera exposes me to so much around me. (Pun intended!) Tomorrow I am off to explore with my great camera group. New name for group coming next time.