Getting Closer

Macro photography done well, takes patience. I usually think of myself as a patient person. To get a good image it should be clear. That means I need to stop motion. A small breeze on a summer’s day appears like a gale force wind when seen close up. I stepped away from using past macro lenses because each time I placed the lens on the camera the winds would start up.

I recently converted a concrete birdbath into a succulent garden. Last year I cleaned, filled, and refilled the birdbath. I bought a water stirrer gadget to encourage birds to visit, and keep mosquitoes away. With all my effort I only saw an occasional bird stop by. Word did not get around my neighborhood. So this year after holes were drilled in the concrete I filled it with many different succulents. The up-side is that these plants are not subject to the wind. 

So armed with my new macro lens I ventured out to my backyard. My first attempt to use the Fujifilm xf 80mm lens with my Fuji xt2 camera.

Captured this Red Pagoda Succulent
This dragonfly appeared at just the right time.
Watched me and let me get closer!

Camera Totin’ Days outing to Green Acres Nursery fit right into my macro practice.

I think this is a Chrysanthemum, but I could be wrong.

I like the way this lens handles the sharp and soft parts of the image. This is called depth of field.

Using the focal length of 80mm I think this lens did a great job of capturing this portrait.

A customer at Green Acres captured
With a bit of imagination you can see the kid jumping for joy!
I spied a carpenter bee hovering around.

This lens passed the test! I have a new focus! Yes!

First Look at Photographs Misleading

I enjoy my days out shooting with my friends. But before I can even upload my images many images are posted online. Then I upload my pictures, and I am a bit disappointed in my work. I close up the computer and take care of all kinds of other things.

A interesting thing happens when I next see the pictures. I weed out the usual photos taken by others, and I like what I have captured. This may be a confidence thing or more likely my images have to grow on me.

Lake Solano Park

Lake Solano Reflected

Spider and his web

Butterfly Captured

Land movement creates cliff

Sedimentary Rock Zone

Metal Work

Shadow Play

Connections Secure

Lines and Angles

X Marks the Spot

I played around using Topaz Texture Affects on this image. Not sure which I like better.

X Marks the Spot

What is this cacti saying about love?

Came upon this natural sculpture in Napa

Bridge over Napa River

Fun, friends and photography. Now I enjoy sharing my images. Have a great weekend!