There is always something…

Recently I watched a You Tube of SNL Weekend Update with Gilda Radner. It ended with the remark, “There is always something.” Oh is that true.

My plan was to move, get unpacked and invite friends and neighbors over. Moved on Halloween, and unpacked. Thanksgiving came and we celebrated with some family. A couple of days later I witnessed the birth of my newest grandson Wyatt. Holidays arrive with the usual compliment of busy merriment, but with an added wrinkle. A stabbing pain sends me to the doctor where I learn I have a kidney stone. Pain occurs when stone is moving, so my pain comes and goes. Procedure to blast stone does little, and the urologist surgically removes the culprit on Valentines Day. After 6 weeks I am kidney stone free, and test look good. Just need to be sure to keep up my fluid consumption and watch my diet for sodium and oxalates. Never even heard of oxalates before.

Kidney stone episode fades and up pops another pain. This time plantar fasciitis. Now I am sporting a boot. All kinds of advise comes my way. Ice, tape foot, drink sour cherry juice, freeze a water bottle and roll foot. Trying it all. Still need to research sour cherry juice, though.

Libby and I outside a coffee shop

I feel bad that my Libby hasn’t taken any walks for the last week. So for a change of scenery we enjoy the good weather and relax outside.

Trying to put my new camera to use. I’m learning about the features while sitting outside with my cold drink.  I will be writing about my latest in an upcoming post.

I hope their selfie caught the newest slogan. Made my photo more interesting.

My mother always believed that it was better to stay away from doctor’s offices whenever possible. Ready to start taking this advice Mom!

It’s been a while and how I became a “Stoner”

Two attempts have been made to update you on what I have been up to. And it happened again just now. I start an entry, get into a flow and it just disappears. As they say, the third time is a charm. Not sure who “they” are. Anyway here goes. I will be careful.

I had just settled into my new home, met my newest grandson and was finishing up cleaning up, and selling my Wyman Drive house when I developed a severe pain on the right side of my back. An x-ray revealed a large kidney stone that I was told would not move or cause me any problems. Wrong. So in January, after a procedure, the doctor proclaimed that the stone had been blasted (lithotripsy) into easily passable grains of sand. Three weeks later my urologist determined that my stone was pretty much intact, and a new more invasive procedure was needed. So I started February with surgery, and a stent. Pain meds helped me along. In April another x-ray will reveal where I stand with regard to my stone making ability.

I am trying to be proactive about this new talent of mine. Reading what I should and should not eat as a “stoner”. Looking for foods low in oxalates, low sodium, low protein, and high calcium, and ways to keep hydrated. Reading food labels in a new way. Trying to figure out how to combine this with a type 2 diet for my husband. The beginning of the year I planned on going on Nutrisystem to loose a couple of pounds. Looking at all The prepackaged foods my guess is that the sodium levels would be off the charts. Still learning, reading, becoming part of the delightful community of gem makers.

Till the next time. I will post this before it disappears into the ether.