Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #226 Textures

When I am out and about, I often focus on textures. Getting up close and personal with my subject matter. So this week’s challenge was just up my alley. Jude (Cornwall in Colours) says, “Study the texture and forget about what it is you are photographing, imagine reaching out and touching a photograph. What would you feel?  Is it hard or soft, smooth or rough? Texture becomes the subject here.” And so I will meet this challenge.

Animal Textures

Giraffe close up
All the textures of the Lion

Peeling Textures

Plant Textures

Man-Made Textures

Natural Textures

Unidentified Objects

Years ago I subscribed to a magazine for my young son, and on the last page there would be an abstract close-up photo with the caption, “Can you guess what this is?” So I began to photograph with this in mind. Some of these you will be able to figure out easily, others may be trickier.

So, how well did you do?

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #212 Motion

This week, Patti invites me to explore the movement of objects or people in my photos. You have several options to do this. Here’s one way: set your camera on auto and let it do most of the work. It will automatically increase the shutter speed and freeze the action. You can also manually adjust the speed settings. That’s when the real fun begins.

Sometimes I just plan to have motion be my subject.

Merry-Go-Round Escape
Taffy in motion
Jelly Bean River
Patriotic Motion

It is always tricky to capture animals in motion. Here I stopped the action with a fast shutter speed.

Sometimes a slower speed enhances the motion.

Just tucking myself in!

Sometimes a slow speed will create a ghostlike image.

Crosswalk pedestrians at night
My backseat passenger Charlie
Dancing the “Hora”
Some Lens Zooming

I hope that you enjoyed my quick tour of my motion photographs!

Goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Camera Totin’ Tuesday met at the Sacramento Zoo last month, and right away we each decided to become members. Now I can visit often and get to know the animals.

The morning is the best time to capture active big cats.

Male Cub

Male Cub with Attitude

Female Cub

After the kids play, Mama Lion takes the stage.

Mama Lion

Next the Snow Leopard catches my attention.

Snow Leopard paws

Snow Leopard

The giraffe are curious and I like this expression

Giraffe is happy to see you

Zebras are found next to the giraffes.

Stripes and more stripes

Red River Hog knows little hoglets are on the way!

Three hoglets napping. Make room for one more hoglet.

Chimpanzees always look like they have much on their mind.



Orangutan in a bush

Orangutan catching a few zzz’s

Wolf’s Guernon

Mallard Looking At You

Once before I captured a flamingo in this pose. It is printed and hanging in my room.

Flamingo peeking

I expect that I will get well aquainted with the Sacramento Zoo, understand the nature of the animals and get better photographs.  See you soon.