Organization and Exercise

Mail on January always starts off with the predictable envelop from my accountant. Just finishing off the bottle of champagne, and I am reminded of April 15th. The newspaper shrinks with all the advertisements gone. Now I am flooded with sales on exercise equipment, gym memberships, and information about what to eat and what to avoid eating.

Been eating my vegetables

Colorful Peppers

and salads, cooking chicken soup with kale, carrots, and celery, and enjoying a few desserts with my coffee.

Truckee Pizzaria
Wonderful smells draws you into this candy shop
Watch as the chocolate is transformed into yummy goodness!

From department stores to supermarkets candy hearts replace candy canes.   Calendars make a brief appearance. Has the “smart phone” replaced calendars?  I know that I rely more on my phone when I make appointments. Stores bring out organizers of all kinds. I like containers, but I never had a collection of Tupperware. I keep most of my large glass jars to store food stuff. Not too many items come in glass anymore. Plastic bins keep my yarn organized. I use baskets for my camera equipment. My one magazine title finds a home in a basket, but this year the magazine goes digital. Too bad.   I replaced the space for a computer tower with three baskets for desk storage. I try to be organized, yet by the time I get around to my personal space I run out of minutes in the day. So my desk often suffers.  Furniture and household items from my parents downsize now have a useful place in my home. More ways to get organized. Best of all, my car now fits in the garage again. I missed pulling my car in to the garage with the wet, cold weather.

My most important organizing task falls to my new laptop.  I just upgraded to Lightroom and Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). I want to keep my photographs on a portable lhard drive and be able to work both at home and when I am away. I have been using both programs, and so now is a good time for this change. I need to add my filters, plug-ins and a couple of additional programs. I will report my progress, and explain how I made the leap. Not sure about the “cloud” thing yet.



Happy 2016

Out with some of the old. Keep some of the best of the old. On to new journeys! That is my outlook on this first day of 2016.

I knew that I wanted to use my enthusiasm for photography to expand my horizon. Just before the start of that year I traded one camera for another. I just wasn’t feeling good about the results from my Nikon full frame D600.  So I sold my full frame dslr and replaced it with the crop sensor D7100. Now I was feeling better. It was a matter of perspective. One change led to another, and soon I got out to shoot with others.

Always remember to appreciate what you have in life!
Always remember to appreciate what you have in life!

I met Anne early in January and by the end of the year I was out shooting regularly and capturing more than double the images from the years before.

Journeying along with Friends
Journeying along with Friends

Tuesday with Seniors took me to many new places, many new images, and many new people to share my time.

Off the beaten path
Off the beaten path
Dry Creek in Autumn
Dry Creek in Autumn

I blogged more, posted more on Flickr, started a scrapbook of my images, and connected with more people. I treasure these times and plan to keep on this path.

I moved my parents into an assisted living home, and I work on giving up the guilt I feel when I see their life as they continue to decline. I know that I have little control over this. Out with the guilt and past resentments. It serves no positive purpose for anyone. They are safe, and cared for. I visit regularly, and watch over their care. Often I bring my dog Libby with me for extra support. The other residents make a fuss over her, and she enjoys the attention. This makes the visits more enjoyable for me as well.

My Libby Love
My Libby Love

Anne helps me to see that my time and space is valuable, and this is my journey. My  family grew in 2015. My grandson is now 6 weeks old, and the beginning of this year may test my resolve. Childcare, making time for each grandchild, taking care of an adult grandson living with us, and providing couple time can be complicated. But I now have a voice to help me proceed with moderation.

Sweet Face
Sweet Face

What do I want in this year? I definitely want to continue with my photography. Taking time to go out shooting (the non-combative kind). I hope to share these images in both my blog, and on my  Flickr page. Last year I planned on participating with a 52 week project, but events quickly made this difficult. Later today, I will select a project and maybe with the help of my friends I can complete it.

My husband continues to help me daily.  I am thankful.

David's funny expression!
David’s funny expression!

As a couple, so much is expected from us. I hope that we take time to make our own time and space valuable.

Happy New Year. I’m ready for 2016.