Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #211 What’s your photographic groove?

Anne’s challenge this week is, “What’s my photographic groove? What type of photography do I truly enjoy doing?  I will show you wonderful images and tell you about them.

This challenge has me thinking. When I was enrolled and pursuing my Photography Certificate, I was exposed to many photographic experiences. My practical mother continued to ask me what I intended to do with my photography. One idea was to start a Pet Photography business. Another idea I had was to author a picture book. I had just retired from a Library/Teacher career of 25 years. I didn’t know way direction to take. Life happened. My parents and grandchildren needed my attention. By the time I finished 40+ credits I decided I was going to do photography on my own terms – for my own personal enjoyment. I didn’t need another job. So I guess you can say my photographic groove is “Focus”. I use my camera to help me see the world around me. I capture whatever I come across.

Often, my camera helps me connect to my surroundings. Sometimes nature, sometimes people, and sometimes taking a quirky look.

My camera connected me to a good group of friends. This group has taken me to many places and spaces in the area. Visits out of town to Niles, Ca. Trips to the Sacramento Zoo. Visiting a local urban micro Farm at End of the Road in Orangevale, Ca.

My photography helps me focus on the present, and preserve memories to reflect upon in the future.
I have been raising my second puppy in the past 2 1/2 years. Glad I have photos of my Charlie.

Puppies grow into dogs and seem to change overnight. Waiting for them to calm down may take just a bit longer. This is where my iPhone comes into play.

My 4 youngest grandchildren have moved back and forth from Sacramento, California to Knoxville, Tennessee (about 2500 miles). They returned last week for the third time in less than three years. Photos and FaceTime helped during these times of separation. I so enjoy my Nixplay digital frame.

But as of last Thursday, I can see my grandchildren in person. We celebrated the first day of TK and First Grade, and the last day of vacation for my 5th grader with some ice cream at Handels.

Great challenge. Sorry for the late post. I have been having “words” with my WordPress!

Goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Camera Totin’ Tuesday met at the Sacramento Zoo last month, and right away we each decided to become members. Now I can visit often and get to know the animals.

The morning is the best time to capture active big cats.

Male Cub

Male Cub with Attitude

Female Cub

After the kids play, Mama Lion takes the stage.

Mama Lion

Next the Snow Leopard catches my attention.

Snow Leopard paws

Snow Leopard

The giraffe are curious and I like this expression

Giraffe is happy to see you

Zebras are found next to the giraffes.

Stripes and more stripes

Red River Hog knows little hoglets are on the way!

Three hoglets napping. Make room for one more hoglet.

Chimpanzees always look like they have much on their mind.



Orangutan in a bush

Orangutan catching a few zzz’s

Wolf’s Guernon

Mallard Looking At You

Once before I captured a flamingo in this pose. It is printed and hanging in my room.

Flamingo peeking

I expect that I will get well aquainted with the Sacramento Zoo, understand the nature of the animals and get better photographs.  See you soon.