Lens-Artists Challenge #249 Public Art

This week’s Journeys by Johnbo challenge features a focus on the arts. Public art in all its forms and locations. Whether in a park or a parking lot, an outdoor theater, or a street corner, art in public places can be found in communities worldwide.

Sidewalk Art

Found outside a store. It has a message.
Hanging out in Roseville, Ca.

Airport Art

Baggage Claim at the Sacramento Metro Airport
Big Red Rabbit seeing travelers at the Sacramento Metro Airport
Indianapolis Airport

Art Found in a Park Setting

Dancing in Eureka, Ca.

Memorial Art

Cyclist Street Memorial
911 Tribute in 2018 Sacramento, Ca.

Art representing place

One day this sculpture appeared on the corner of Eastern and Marconi. I went home, grabbed my camera, and headed back. A while later it was gone.

Before galloping away

A couple of years later, this rooster appeared at this remodeled shopping center. So far, this rooster has found its home in Fair Oaks.

Fair Oaks Rooster
Historical Monument in front of Mono County Courthouse
Entitled Double Check in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan
George M Cohan on Duffy Square in New York City
Maui, Hawaii
Claude Chana Prospecter, founding father of Auburn Ca.
“Welcome” to visitors of Rough and Ready, Ca.

 Animals in Public Art

Napa, Ca.

Public Art that enhances its surroundings

Found this creative exhibit of public art in South Sacramento in a vacant lot.

Have I shown you something that you yourself have seen? Are there similar works of public art where you are? There is always surprises to see! Enjoy.

Lens-Artists Challenge #246 Still Life

Patti from Pilot Fish creates this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge. “In this challenge, we’re exploring different types of still life images, not only the traditional “created” arrangement, but also “found” still life scenes–which you might discover in store windows, in a garden or museum, or just about anywhere.”

Benches and their surroundings

Hats in still-life

I saw this display at Placer County Courthouse Museum.
The answer they gave is John F. Kennedy.
Hats at the California State Fair
Red Hat Society

Antique kitchen settings

Daffodil Hill


I love to go to farmer’s markets. I admire store-front displays. Sometimes I will arrange the food for a photograph.


Parts of sculptures

Town & Country Village in Sacramento

These are some still-life settings that I created.

Have a cup of coffee
Side lighting
Kitchen Utensils

As you can tell, I love to use my camera to focus on things around me. Luckily, I use my left eye to focus. The left eye still just has dry macular degeneration. My right eye has wet macular degeneration and all is a swirly blur. Till next time, enjoy these still-life images and let me know which one catches your eye!