Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #198 Light & Shadow

This week, Patti asks me to explore the interplay of light and shadow–at different times of the day, in different seasons, under natural light, in artificial light. She encouraged me to choose whatever conditions I like. I will look at processing some images in black & white.

My film days started at age nine. I had all my photos printed in black & white. In my twenties I started using Kodachrome. My catalog is filled with silhouettes, shadow designs, and backlit images.

Photographers are often left out of family photos. When I realized this I started taking shadow selfies just to show that I was there.

Fall in the Sierras. The grass is all dried up!
The long shadows indicate that I am shooting a field of sunflowers in the afternoon. The sunflowers are saying goodnight.
On the beach in Maui!

Eventually, I started having friends join me.

Long shadows help those who are height challenged.
A happy greeting!
What’s going on? Looks like I have an unexpected guest.

You can see this in the design subject created by shadows.

Am I going up or down?
Afternoon swim practice
Light dancing through the fountain
A story told in the silhouette I captured in the park
Bridgeport Landscape in Monochrome
Bodie Hotel in Monochrome
What kind of creature can be found in the woods?
Does the creature appear more ominous here in black & white?
Has the creature followed me to the vineyard?

These photo challenges allow me to take another look at the images I have captured over the years. I hope you enjoyed the journey in Light and Shadows.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #152 Shades and Shadows

As the temperature rises here in Fair Oaks, California everyone is attempting to stay out of the sun. My next challenge comes from Ann-Christine. How do our photographs use light? This time I look for photographs that use shade and shadows.

On this sunny beach in Carmel, Charlie’s shadow appears.
When I am out with friends I like to grab a shadow photograph
Chalk It Up and Me!
We stop for a shadow image on the Island of Kawaii with my photo friends Anne and Laura.
Interesting shadow forms from one leaf to another.
Shadow pattern on the leaf in the shape of a heart! Love it!
A dragonfly casts a shadow on a lotus leaf!

Looking through my library I notice that I take many more shadow images. But working with some of my images I now see that the contrast of shadow and sun can highlight a subject.

Capturing this golfer from my hotel window, the shadow and sun contrast draws my attention to his swing.
These ducks are framed by the shade.
The shade and sun helps to draw the eye to the subject.I

Thank you for following along in my photographic journey. And if you decide to step into the sunlight be sure to protect your skin.

First Look at Photographs Misleading

I enjoy my days out shooting with my friends. But before I can even upload my images many images are posted online. Then I upload my pictures, and I am a bit disappointed in my work. I close up the computer and take care of all kinds of other things.

A interesting thing happens when I next see the pictures. I weed out the usual photos taken by others, and I like what I have captured. This may be a confidence thing or more likely my images have to grow on me.

Lake Solano Park

Lake Solano Reflected

Spider and his web

Butterfly Captured

Land movement creates cliff

Sedimentary Rock Zone

Metal Work

Shadow Play

Connections Secure

Lines and Angles

X Marks the Spot

I played around using Topaz Texture Affects on this image. Not sure which I like better.

X Marks the Spot

What is this cacti saying about love?

Came upon this natural sculpture in Napa

Bridge over Napa River

Fun, friends and photography. Now I enjoy sharing my images. Have a great weekend!


Off to Apple Hill

Apple Hill, located midway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, is the destination for my adventure with my Senior Photo Friends.

There is a direct route to Apple Hill. Get on Highway 50 (east). Get off at Apple Hill exits. But when I travel with my friends we meander and find interesting spots. Quiet spot and crisp air signals a change in seasons.

Autumn alond the American River
Autumn along the American River

The stillness of the river provides a perfect opportunity for this yellow kayak.

Kayak reflecting
Kayak reflecting

Sailor Bar on the American River
Sailor Bar on the American River

Great textures on this tree
Great textures on this tree

Apple Hill supports many family orchards, wineries, and farms. At this time of year pumpkins abound, and all things apple are available. In the past, I brought my kids up to a U-Pick farm. On other occasions, my dog Libby joined me for a day in the country. Today, my camera set my focus.

Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard

These three will not end up in an Apple Pie, Walking Pie, or Caramel Apple. I like the texture and warm colors.

Apples Three
Apples Three

Pumpkin patch located at the Boa Vista Orchards.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Pumpkin, Pumpkin

The Larsen Apple Barn is one of my favorite spots for photography. This water wheel provides an interesting setting. This year there is no water. Drought is making its point here in Northern California.

Water Wheel found at Larsen Apple Barn
Water Wheel found at Larsen Apple Barn

With this photograph I tried my hand at HDR (High Dynamic Range). I also used Topaz Detail to process this image.

Larsen's Apple Barm Water Wheel
Larsen’s Apple Barm Water Wheel

I love the colors in this photograph. When I take a photograph I often look up additional information. In this case, I wanted to find out more about this colorful flower. This flower Gaillardia, or Blanket flower is a good choice for hot, drought conditions. This perennial is related to the Sunflower family and attracts butterflies, and bees.

Bees attracted to the Blanket Flower
Bees attracted to the Blanket Flower

Red Hot Poker attracts bees
Red Hot Poker attracts bees

The area behind the museum at Larsen’s Apple Barn provided great photo possibilities. Love the front of this old truck. Can’t help but see a face with lots of character.

Old Chevrolet
Old Chevrolet

Another old farm vehicle that I photographed and processed using HDR.

Farm Machinery
Farm Machinery

Late afternoon shadows captured.

Wheel and Shadow
Wheel and Shadow

Not a “Selfie”, but you can tell I was there!

Me and My Shadow
Me and My Shadow

Just liked the way this composition spoke to me.

Animal-Like Abstract
Animal-Like Abstract

At the ranch with my friends
At the ranch with my friends

We ended our day at the High Hill Ranch where many crafters were selling their art work.

Apple Hill is very busy on the weekends with more farms open, crafts sold, and wine tasted. I enjoyed the less hectic time to get out and take photos.