Rest In Peace Alina

My mother’s journey on Earth is over. She died on Tuesday February 7, 2017.  When I left North Avenue Villa early Tuesday morning I felt that the time was soon. I felt that Tuesday would be the day. Alina lived without her Arthur for 21 weeks.

On Thursday my Mom was laid to rest at Home of Peace, a Jewish Cemetery in Sacramento. Rabbi Reuven Taff met with me and my brother on Wednesday. In addition to sharing family stories I appreciated the time taken to listen to me. It allowed me some peace at a stressful time. The rainy day seemed fitting.

In the Chapel my brothers and I told stories about my Mom. Each had a different realationship to her. But what made me proud was my son Joshua’s rememberances. And then my granddaughter Alyssa spoke. Right from the heart. My goodness I will always be glad that I included her in my visits to Mom. Time well spent!

My friends turned out to support me. I again asked Anne to help with the Meal of Condolences. Liz offered to host the meal at her house. Such a trememdous relief for me.  Zelda, Eva, Susan, Diane, Liz and Anne are such special friends. Thank you!

I feel sad that our time together is over. I tried my best to take care of her. My parents are together, and they gave me a great foundation. I know that her heart was with my Dad. They met after the war and saved each other!  Another Holocaust Survivor has past. I am grateful for having my Mom.


2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Alina

  1. Your truth here is Life, in it’s fullest. You really are a wonderful daughter, so caring and giving! 21 weeks Mom survived. I hope she went now peacefully and happy to be moving on. Thank you for writing and acknowledging, Marlene, the most important things. You, how you feel now and the friends who helped you. I’m glad you included your granddaughter, too. Her lifetime is enhanced. I am glad to know about your Mom, Rest In Peace, Alina.

    The Holocaust caused your parents to meet. They could care for each other in a special way that no one else could, certainly no one who had not had their experience. I honor their survival AND especially YOU, the daughter they nurtured.

    By the way, I have a grand niece named Alina, spelled this way. I have never heard this name before or since.

    Glad I know you, BC


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