More People Watching on Pier 39

Embarcadero means a “place to embark”. Looking up this information led me to this 1906 documentary, A Trip Down Market Street. Click on the link and travel down the road. Taken from a cable car weeks before the 1906 earthquake. It is amazing to see what traffic was like then.

My friend and I walked down the Embarcadero to Pier 39. Stop for lunch and do more people watching.

Vendor stocking his shop
So many food choices. Go healthy or not?
Careful those knives are sharp!
Up, up and away. Having Fun!
Cute shop on Pier 39
Love the vest
Throwing a kiss. Spray paint sidewalk artist has music, movement, and spirit!
Balloon artist not happy to have a photo taken. Oh well.
So many cell phones. What is so interesting?
Watch out for Gulls!
Old Port Gate frame the ship
Explanation of height restrictions on the Segway
Serious driving skills being tested
And the winner is…

When you grab some fast food you are warned to watch out for birds. They are known for helping themselves to your delicious seafood and sour dough bread.

Gulls Rule at the Fishermen’s Grotto



He earned his tip

Arriving at Pier 41 to take the ferry back to Vallejo.

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Fun day and lots of fun images to add to my memories.


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