Introducing Charlie – It’s a boy!

The wait is over. Born on February 7, 2020 Ginger and Ace produced a litter of 10 multi-gen Australian Labradoodles. From the moment these puppies were born I was able to see them on a video cam daily. I called it my “Puppy Show”. Jo also posted photos weekly along with all vital statistics.

Lime Boy at one week. Photo courtesy of Jo Ubina-Smith

On March 14th my husband and I traveled up to Orland, Ca. to visit Serenity Springs Labradoodles. Greeted by Jo, Ron and a large litter Australian Labradoodle 5 week old puppies.

Eyes open and sitting pretty. Photo by Jo Ubina-Smith

To give the pups the best experience, Jo introduces the litter to noises like the vacuum cleaner, and a wide variety of toys with different textures, and purposes. When stuck at home she dresses the pups up according to their color name.

Jo plays dress-up with Lime Boy

Due to the increasing pandemic of the Corona 19 virus (CoVid) we were not able to handle any of the puppies. We were practicing “Social Distancing”. Originally, I planned on adopting a girl. But one of the little boys captured my heart, Lime Boy. First up was to pick a name. Listened to friend suggestions, and finally decided on Charlie.

I began ordering puppy supplies. I could not go to a “Puppies R Us” store. Amazon Prime left many packages at my doorway. I am getting used to shopping online. My breeder sent information each week with suggestions for puppy preparations. Crate, grooming tools, puppy food, and a puppy playpen for traveling. I have been reading up on training a puppy. After all it has been over 9 years since I worked with a puppy.

Here we are getting our Charlie.

Saturday March 28th we headed back to Orland for a drive-thru pickup. Jo Ubina-Smith videotaped my instructions, presented us with a bag of supplies, and Charlie’s Notebook. I can’t say enough about this breeder. Every detail is carefully thought out. No question is too small. She is an organized, experienced, patient, caring, and thoroughly researched breeder. I could go on and on.

Charlie relaxing on a huge dog bed that has become his playground
Charlie stops his playing to pose for a photograph

Charlie has been with us for one week, and I think I am starting to get into a rhythm. Jo told me that Charlie approached new things cautiously. He takes a bit more time but then gets more confident.

This “Stay in Place” will definitely not play to Charlie’s advantage to socialize early, and experience many new things, but I will work with what I have.

Charlie seems to act more confident outside.
Had to order a much smaller ball for Charlie to fetch. The Kong squeaker ball does the trick. Charlie eagerly retrieves it!

And like a new Mom, I have to get up to speed for all the bending, ups, and downs my body was not prepared for. Today, I spent catching up with sleep and giving some distance from Charlie. I don’t want him to become too dependent on me.

Tomorrow, I will take Charlie for a ride to our Petco store where I will “Socially distance” have some items brought up to the car. This will give Charlie a new experience.

And so Charlie’s journey begins!

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