Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143 Colorful April

Amy reminds us that “When winter melts away, spring brings a new beginning; colors begin to awaken under the warm sunlight, April showers, and gentle wind.” So our theme for this week is “Colorful April”.

Tulips abound at Crystal Hermitage Garden. It has been some time since I visited. This used to be an annual visit. Darn CoVid 19 gets in the way. Such a peaceful place set in “Gold Country”.

Colorful tulip path

Another place I used to visit was Daffodil Hill in Amador County. Its popularity caused this traditional Spring shoot to close. About six years ago I visited during a cloudy weekday. The daffodils provided a backdrop for the Seeing Eye puppy Labrador retrievers out for a day with their puppy raisers. The

These puppies have no problem posing!

2019 was the last year this family opened up this “gem” to the public. Hidden away the roads were not equiped to handle the traffic.

The last flower of the spring that I just love to photograph is the California poppy. Last weekend some friends headed up to search for a field of orange. Found these beauties in flower pots in Sutter Creek, and not in the wild as I had hoped.

California poppies showing off their bright orange color.

Spring has sprung here in Northern California. I would just love this mild enjoyable weather to stick around for a while!

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #143 Colorful April

  1. Thank you, Marlene for this enjoyable tour of the Crystal Hermitage Garden! These colors of the tulips are incredibly beautiful. California poppies are my favorite spring flowers. I love, love these guide dog puppies. 🙂

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  2. Clever composition of the flower pot Marlene – I’d have definitely thought they were in the wild. Your two opening tulip images are glorious – we have nothing similar here. Our azaleas are plentiful as soon our magnolias will be, but I do seriously miss the tulips we had up north. Thanks for the fond reminder of their beauty. And the guide puppies are adorable!


  3. Beautiful pictures of the tulips and other flowering plants. It is too bad Daffodil Hill had to close a few years ago, at least you have some great memories of how beautiful it was. And, I love the picture of the Lab puppies!


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