Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161 Feet and Shoes

Ann-Christine challenges me to look at the subject of Feet and Shoes. Over the years I have found many shoes to photograph.

Working shoes for the garden or rain.

Found at the Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, Ca.

When I was young they were called sneakers. The only time I could wear these at school was in gym class. Now they call these athletic shoes, and they are worn anytime and everywhere. When I see cute ones I grab a photograph.

Artistic shot!

Summer means sandals in all sizes.

These are my goin’ to Hawaii sandals

Feet coverings for hiking, climbing and smelling.

Uggs for climbing!
My Liberty Love smells my slipper

Fancy shoes may not be very comfortable but they grab your attention.

I found these in a display in Las Vegas.
My first pair of shoes were bronzed and used to create a picture frame.
Bronzed baby shoes. Mine!
Found in an antique shop

Infant toes of my grandsons

Free the toes!

Thanks for allowing me to share my take on shoes and feet!

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161 Feet and Shoes

  1. I love those tiny feet and when a toddler become fascinated with their toes. And oh, those sexy shoes and boots! I used to wear them but I would settle with the colourful runners should they have it in size 8.


  2. A great and varied selection, Marlene! Love your choices, especially the fancy ones (which I cannot wear) and the tiny toes of course. Your Hawaii sandals is just to my taste!


  3. Wow Marlene, A+ for an incredible response. You seem to have the largest collection of shoes among all of our respondents – all beautifully captured and perfectly grouped. Really super post


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