Half Moon Bay Vacay

We finally decided to get out of town – an anniversary getaway (our 52nd one). We aren’t very creative when we plan our trips. The ocean calls, and Pacific Grove answers. But this time we decided to try a Half Moon Bay. I decided to change it up by staying in a small bed & breakfast inn called Nantucket Whale Inn.

I made the decision that I would also take time away from Moxie. Not an easy decision for she has never been away from me overnight in her life. I probably was more concerned. I contacted Carly, confirmed our dates and I was committed. Carly has been Moxie’s trainer, and I used to leave my Libby there many years ago. I drove up to Shingle Springs the day before we left, and heard from Carly that she was doing well.

Gas up the car at Costco – around $5.50/gallon. Vacation begins when I get home and I have no dog responsibilities. So where do we go to grab a bite to eat at McDonald’s? Ok bags are packed, and off we go the next morning at 8:00 a.m.

My first stop is Richmond. I get to see my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. We decide to go for brunch only to find out UC Berkeley is filled with graduates and families. We pick another spot, Tomate Cafe, a bit off the beaten path. Good to be guided by two Berkeley grads.

Then off to Half Moon Bay.

Crossing the San Francisco Bay Bridge

Traffic was light. We stopped at the Taco Bell Cantina in Pacifica. I have never been to fast food that had a fireplace. The location is right on Pacifica Beach.

We arrive in Pacifica
Golden Retriever on the beach. Maybe next time Moxie!

The traffic was light until we reached Devil’s Slide Tunnel. I didn’t know the name of the tunnel when we were going through it. What concerned me was the information written telling how far into the tunnel we were and how far till the other side.

But eventually, we saw the light

It felt good to reach the coast. Being near the ocean relaxes me. It is not that I ever grabbed a surfboard, or that I would now lay on the sand to get that perfect tan. Watching the waves, hearing the sound, and smelling the salty air are good enough for me.

I can almost hear the roar.

Arriving at our destination I was pleased that with a simple call to Sandra we entered the Inn and found our room.

Nantucket Whale Inn

The room was nicely decorated.

Coming down to the common area we met a fellow traveler from Great Britain, and quickly we got into an interesting conversation. Heather is taking about 4 weeks to casually travel around the United States. She had just come from New Orleans, and Austin, Texas. Half Moon Bay was her first stop in California. The next morning we continued our conversation, and now became a follower of hers on Instagram.

Can’t pass up dinner at Sam’s Chowder House. We ordered Sam’s Lobster Roll – one dressed, one naked. Paired with a margarita, and a shared dessert of Italian Style Affogato we called it a wonderful meal.

Great view from Sam’s Chowder House
El Granada State Beach

Breakfast berries were served at 8:30 a.m. This was followed by scrambled eggs, bacon and an English muffin. Eggs were overcooked, and it brought back memories of traveling home from college with friends, and the driver specifically asked for a soft scramble, and not getting it. Never forget the emotional outburst. Anyway, back to to our breakfast, we did get to talking to Heather and asked what she called our English muffin. Just muffins. Cookies, biscuits, crumpets.This led us to discuss, The Great British Baking Show, Downton Abbey, and other older British television shows. Heather planned to leave this morning on her continued 2-week journey not exactly sure of her route. Would it be to San Diego? Or Palms Springs? She thought she might stop in Ojai, Ca. I gave her my webpage address, and she shared her Instagram name.

Today we were ready to explore many of the beaches from Pacifica to Half Moon Bay. Usually, there is a lock box to collect the beach parking fees. They had been vandalized, and haven’t been replaced yet. So no fees were being collected.

Quite an interesting, very busy Taco Bell. Serves wine and beer, with a view!
Inside Taco Bell Cantina
Moss Beach Distillery has a colorful history due to its location and prohibition.
View from Moss Beach Distillery

I was climbing up this bluff when I ended up on the ground. Right in front of these lifeguards. One of those embaressing moments. Knee skinned, camera safe. Pride, oh well.

These Lifeguards were getting ready for a helicopter to land and practice a rescue.
My pareidolia takes over. What do you see?
San Gregorio Lagoon

Continuing south we stop at Pomponio State Beach. This beach has some impressive sandstone cliffs

I love the shadow face created by the cliff. Do you see it too? Glad the sun was out.

We lucked out with the sunny yet cool weather on our second day at Half Moon Bay. We found a “hole in the wall” kebab place and enjoyed a casual, but satisfying meal. Topped it off with some Baskin-Robbins. I will save our last day for my next post. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay Vacay

  1. Beautiful photos ! Thanks for sending! Happy Anniversary- many more happy and healthy years together with G-D’s help! It’s funny that it says Nantucket- that’s the other side of the USA.



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