Lens-Artists Challenge #248 Mood

So, for this week, Sofia challenges me to think of mood, and how to convey and create an emotional reaction to my shot. That can be accomplished by capturing situations or occasions, photography styles, or people and their feelings.  Never forgetting how moods can be perceived in different ways by different people.


Silhouette at McKinley Park
On the dock in Old Sacramento


Can you please give me directions?
Helping his son.


Docent at the Sacramento Zoo
Docent at the Sacramento Railroad Museum
Learning out in nature


Local carnival
A bench in Berkeley


At a swim meet

Tired and Broken


Not happy to have his photo taken.
Renaissance Faire in Fair Oaks, Ca.


Animal Moods

My Moxie’s sweet eyes.
This iguana was out for a walk with its owner. Looks happy!
What’s going on?

I imagined a story by watching these gulls on the beach.

Wolf’s Guenon shows affection, protection, and care.

I’ll end here with the hope that everyone’s mood is positive, polite, and caring.

3 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #248 Mood

  1. Amazing!

    You capture those moods so well. 

    I hope your instructor likes your work!!


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  2. Such a great gallery of moods, Marlene. Dont you just love the way simple expressions even with feathered friends changes the mood of a photo. Well done. The most unique photo to me was the clown who was alone, and maybe lonely. Most clowns are out there drumming up smiles.


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