Lens-Artists Challenge #247 Back Lit Photos

Anne-Christine tells me that “backlighting is a great way to create stunning, eye-catching effects. Here are a handful of specific images you can make with backlighting: Street and portrait silhouettes, bird-in-flight silhouettes, portraits, and macros with beautiful background bokeh, landscape silhouettes, and sunset/sunrise landscapes.”


I always enjoy looking at glass objects. I found some of these images in stores, in windows, and in displays.

I first saw an example of Chihuly glass at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The first and third photographs are examples displayed at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Cary House Hotel in Placerville Ca

The next two stain glass signs are located on my sister-in-law’s property in Indianapolis, Indianna. They are created from images of the property.


Wild Turkeys strutting their stuff
A spider has cast its web at the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve
Great White Egret found at UC Davis Arboretum

The Oakland Zoo features some interesting exhibits like fruit bats and primates.



Here my grandson is holding his pet Love Bird Peaches.

I can’t believe my grandson will be 26 years old this week.

Canine Companions starts training early.

Learning all about the leash.
Fun watching dock diving at Petapalooza years ago

Black puppies are particularly hard to photograph. Lighting is key. Libby was an English Black Labrador Retriever and my very first dog. I waited 40 years for her! It has been 4 years ago this month that we parted.

This is Liberty Love at 8 weeks.
Here is Moxie! Backlit.

Lots of images benefit from backlit lighting. I hope that you may be inspired to look at the world from a new perspective. Positive, beautiful and peaceful.

Lens-Artists Challenge #246 Still Life

Patti from Pilot Fish creates this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge. “In this challenge, we’re exploring different types of still life images, not only the traditional “created” arrangement, but also “found” still life scenes–which you might discover in store windows, in a garden or museum, or just about anywhere.”

Benches and their surroundings

Hats in still-life

I saw this display at Placer County Courthouse Museum.
The answer they gave is John F. Kennedy.
Hats at the California State Fair
Red Hat Society

Antique kitchen settings

Daffodil Hill


I love to go to farmer’s markets. I admire store-front displays. Sometimes I will arrange the food for a photograph.


Parts of sculptures

Town & Country Village in Sacramento

These are some still-life settings that I created.

Have a cup of coffee
Side lighting
Kitchen Utensils

As you can tell, I love to use my camera to focus on things around me. Luckily, I use my left eye to focus. The left eye still just has dry macular degeneration. My right eye has wet macular degeneration and all is a swirly blur. Till next time, enjoy these still-life images and let me know which one catches your eye!

Lens-Artists Challenge #244 Glowing Moments

Siobhan from Bend Branches created this challenge. “What glowing moments have been special in your life?”

I looked up the definition of “Glow” and found that I was looking through my library and paying attention to lighting.


Lighting from the back is my way of capturing flower power.

Tulips and daffodils are a sign of spring.

Backlit pink tulips, and a narrow depth of field soft daffodils
Beautiful rose
Captured this flower in high-key lighting
This little beetle found its way on a California Poppy

Sunrise and Sunset always emit a glow

Sedona, Arizona offers a great opportunity to capture sunrise and sunsets. In August, it is best to get up early for sunrise, take an midday nap, and watch the sun go down. Plan to eat a later dinner.

Water glowing

Dewdrops on a spiderweb
Swimmers splashing in the golden hour
Slow shutter speed captures a water glow of a fountain

Painting with light

Does this doll conjure up a movie?

Slowing down the shutter speed can make for some interesting effects.

Tunnel lights
I have so much fun being a passenger

Thank you for taking the time to view my idea of glowing moments. Enjoy your own glowing moments, stay safe, and be kind!

Lens-Artists Challenge #243 It’s Tricky

This week, it’s Donna’s turn to host the Lens-Artists Challenge: It’s Tricky! If you’d like to fool us, this is your week. Otherwise, I hope I can inspire you, or trick you into joining the fun.

Water Reflections

Glass Reflections

Spherical Reflections

What do you see?


Ghostly Images

My dog Charlie will always be in my heart!
Who is crossing at the crosswalk?

The Great Escape

I am always on the lookout for images that can be seen in a different way. Sometimes I play with my shutter speed control. Sometimes the image unfolds throught a reflection on glass or water. Sometimes, the image is just a happy mistake. It all depends upon how you look at your surroundings.