How fast they grow, how time goes by.

I don’t always have enough time to grab that perfect shot when it comes to family photographs. I really don’t know why. When I got married photographs were mostly taken when we went places, or during noted events. When I started my family I remember getting a simple Kodak camera. We took one roll of film, and returned the camera because I didn’t like the results.  My next camera was a point and shoot Fuji and I was satisfied with the pictures. I paid attention to the limitations of the camera and usually shot in natural light.  I kept the subject simple and focused on my family. With my family I am part of the interaction, and I take mostly snapshots.  But I try to keep my wits about me and focus on keeping the photo sessions short and fun for all.


Smiling, happy baby


Getting ready to throw his ball


Happy four month old


Not another photograph. Ema put away the camera.


Two happy brothers

Needs of the baby changes so quickly.


Eli doesn’t quite know why the sad face. Probably ready to eat!

And a few more weeks and Lucas is flipping over, and holding himself up for a 5 month pose.


Lucas can flip himself over!


5 month old and holding steady


Eli tries to fit into Papa’s hat


Alyssa taking care of Lucas

Looking at all these photos I am reminded that my pets are needing some camera time. Got to get to it.

The move to my Nikon N80 film camera, and then to digital DSLR has taken my focus away from documenting family exclusively. When I pick up my camera I use it to explore my surroundings. I use it to help me relax. I use it to connect with other photographers. I use it to share my thoughts. My perspective is one of observer. I try to create artistic renditions of the world around me.

So what do I do with all the images that I take?  My Facebook friends, my Flickr site, and emails replace the family album. There is still something special about looking through albums, but some of my albums are falling apart. Never got into the family photos on the walls. Now I  scrapbook with a focus on both family, and documenting my photo journey. A Photo’s Worth is another outlet for me. What do you do with your photographs?

The following still life, landscapes, and animal images are a sample of what now hangs in my room.  I am collecting more photos every week. Feels great!


Nicki’s Silver


Wash Day Company


Sea Gull Stands Guard




Mono Lake at Sunset

With my Camera Totin’ Tuesday group and growing grandchildren I will soon have another group of photographs to share on my wall, with my friends, and with fellow enjoyers of all things photographic.





Baby Time

One month ago I welcomed my grandson Lucas. This is my daughter’s fourth child and her experience makes a big difference. My first grandson  18 years ago came to my home from the hospital and I was completely involved.

This time I visit and get to take photographs. As a newborn Lucas spends most of his time sleeping. It is not a quiet kind of sleep.


Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping


Feeling full

I forgot how much one baby moves and grunts in his sleep. Watching a sleeping baby can be like watching a tv program.


Baby Thoughts

His expressions change, and I wonder what he is thinking about. Sometimes, a red face then a relaxed face.


Is that a yawn?


Now I’m ready. Where’s my Mom? I’m hungry.


Sweet Face


A Private Joke


It is sweet to see Eli come over, kiss the baby’s head, and say, “He is so cute!”


Big Brother Love

For these photographs I used my Nikon D7100 with a 35mm 1.8 lens. I know I should use my reflector to improve my portraits, but I don’t often have a helper. This time my grandson, Eli helped. For the second session, I didn’t have his assistance, and I can see the difference.

My mirrorless camera, Olympus OMD E5 grabbed this last shot. For a smaller camera I still like to capture quality images and since it is smaller than my dslr I have this camera with me all the time. Natural light was used to capture this picture.

4 weeks old and totally content!

4 weeks old and totally content!

Other siblings will get in the picture tomorrow. Big sister is getting over a cold.
Next capture may have Lucas looking around?









Baby Stuff Continues (Part 2)

Guess my blog got a step ahead of me, and posted the beginning before I finished. Oops.

For the second time in two weeks I went shopping  at a store exclusively for babies. My three and a half year old grandson informed me that his car seat was falling apart. And indeed it was. I did my research and quickly found what I wanted. They price matched, and I made the purchase.

My fifth grandchild is due to make his appearance around Thanksgiving. I finished knitting his first blanket. All of my grandchildren received this gift from me. Isaac and Alyssa graduated to a child size and Eli still loves his blanket.

After just down-sizing my parent’s place I am more aware of the stuff around me. Going into Buy, Buy, Baby takes getting ready for baby to another level. On this day Rachel and I needed to find a mattress. This is something I can understand. Babies spend a lot of time on their mattress, and it is used for about 4 to 5 years if a after a crib a toddler bed is used. My children moved into a bed at around two and a half, no toddler beds available then. I’m still looking for a mattress that I can like for more that a few years. But that is a story for another day.

I’m sure that every grandmother in each generation is amazed to find all the new items available. Some things are now required for the safety of baby. Car seat laws keep extending the need for their use for use for longer periods of time.  This is a good thing, but now you can buy kick pads for the car.

Delux Kick Mats for the car

Delux Kick Mats for the car

Necessary, or nice to have. Just tell child to stop kicking. If child can sit up, child should understand no kicking. Am I being too practical? Can’t imagine the passenger or driver enjoys a good kick in the back. Reminds me of sitting on an airplane with a kicker behind you.

My cotton receiving blankets served many purposes. Infant car seat cover-up is available to purchase. How did I function without a  specific cover-up?  Keep infant’s  head from rolling from side to side with an insert instead of rolled blanket. Have to change a diaper while out, use a special pad instead of a cotton blanket.

I guess I never had my closet so filled or so organized. Maybe this would be an idea for my closet when I change sizes. Again, another story for another day.

Baby's grow so fast. Here is something to keep organized.

Baby’s grow so fast. Here is something to keep organized.

For emergencies I just grab an ice cube tray and pull. Do you remember the metal trays with a handle to pull? Have to admit the new plastic ones empty easier. Recently I needed to replace a tray, and  I realized that most families have an ice cube maker and don’t even use trays. I know gel packs are softer, but when I taught 4th grade and my student had a very minor hurt I told them to wet a paper towel and apply to body part that hurt. Nothing special.

Ice pack for Ochies and BooBoos now replaced by "Mommy's Kisses"

Ice pack for Ochies and BooBoos now replaced by “Mommy’s Kisses”

Helpful to organize for on-the-go moms, and to keep cell phone clean.  But I think that an outing should be used to introduce baby to the world around him, and not for cell phone time. Am I right?

Let's get connected early

Let’s get connected early?

This is a new idea for kitchen decor. Bottles, pacifiers, dishes, nipples each have place. I saw two sizes: grass and lawn for a larger kitchen. Guess my kitchen could only accomodate the grass size. Many accessories from Boon for your baby’s needs.

Kitchen essentials for baby

Kitchen essentials for baby

Buy, Buy, Baby is a huge store and I am sure that some of these things make taking care of baby’s needs easier. I’m concerned that new parents may find that having so many options adds an unnecessary level of stress in getting ready for the new bundle of joy. Relax, all you need is love!