Lens-Artists Challenge #251 Buildings and Other Structures

Anne challenges me, to find fascinating structures that capture my attention, tell a story, or are just beautiful.

This gives me the opportunity to look at photographs from my New York City trip. I am originally from New York. Born in Manhattan but lived in Queens, and after the age of ten, I lived a suburban life on Long Island. Plainview to be specific. There is a vast difference between those 2 views. In 1978 the family left Queens, New York, and moved to Southern California. This was fortuitous since my husband worked on the 82nd floor of the World Trade Tower 2. Two years later we relocated to Northern California and settled in Sacramento. Did I know that my apartment in Northridge would be flattened in an earthquake? I now live in Fair Oaks part of Sacramento County for over 5 years.

In March 2020 we had tickets to New York City. At the very last minute we canceled, and New York City closed down. I don’t know why I don’t buy lottery tickets!

Leaving Kennedy Airport in Queens for Manhattan.

The architecture of the old TWA building.

But I still feel like a New Yorker, and when we visit we stay in New York City at The Lucerne.

This is a landmark building on the upper west side
The Lucerne on 79th Street
A condo was built in the space between

We made sure to visit different parts of the city each time.


The Empire State Building

On this very foggy day, we were told that there would be nothing to view from above. We came back another day for the view.

One World Trade Center

2014 was too soon to visit the site. There were still a lot of memories and a lot of construction.


2023 we visit One World Trade Center

Bird’s eye look at Manhattan

Going up to the One World Trade Observatory. Look at the view.

Amazing architecture

Madison Square Garden
The Metropolitan Museum of Art. “The Met”
This full facade was moved to The Met from Wall Street
Macy’s on 34th Street. Just think of the Thanksgiving Parade.

So much remains, and so much changes. A couple of weeks after we visited The American Museum of Natural History an addition opened up. I visited this museum often when I was growing up. My Aunt Li, Uncle Henry, and Cousin Ricky lived about 10 blocks away. And as it happened my mother selected an orthodontist around the corner. So trips to the city were frequent. Without the new addition, I was still in awe of the changes made to this museum and the Hayden Planetarium located there.


Grand Central Terminal – outside and inside

The Oculus

2014 The Oculus under construction
The Oculus

So many memories, and so many new places to see.I hope you liked this whirlwind tour of New York City.

Lens-Artists Challenge #240 The road (most often) taken

John set up this week’s metaphoric theme “The Road taken” – and not about a physical road. For this week’s challenge, he wants me to think of my favorite type or style of photography as the road I’ve chosen to take most often. 

I just returned from a CoVid delayed 8-day trip to New York City. Our last trip occurred in February 2014. We visited in the same season, but CoVid created many changes in the city. Last time I took most of my photographs using my Olympus OMD camera. I have since switched to the Fuji xt4, and I only brought my 18-55 lens. The cold weather dictated many indoor activities, and I found myself using my Apple iPhone 13 pro.

Looking up at the Empire State Building

I visited The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) specifically to view Berenice Abbott’s New York Album 1929. Eugène Atget, a French photographer influenced her, and when I looked at all the photographs I saw my “road”. My catalog includes similar images to those taken by Etget and Abbott. Street scenes, people, and animals capture my interest.

When I go anywhere, I document. I focus on a different or unusual way to see what is there.

Looking down from Zabar’s on Broadway and 80th Street
What kind of cheese are you interested in buying?
Line forming outside of Katz’s Deli. “I’ll have what she’s having!”
Going every which way at The Oculus.
Grand Central Station

Environmental Portraits that tell a story.

Street Musicians in New York City

The American Museum of Natural History
The Lucerne

Animals I meet along the way

I met Louise on a subway in N.Y.C.

My road documents many of the people, places, and animals I meet along the way. Hope you enjoyed the road I have traveled! Let me know.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 Favorite Images of 2022

John’s challenge is “Favorite Images of 2022.” The premise is simple. Simply share my favorite images captured in 2022. 

Let me say that waving 2022 goodbye was not hard for me. Though it seems that each year goes by a bit faster.

Visits to local museums

Getting outdoors in nature

Animals all around

Family ties with grandkids back from Tennessee

Short Trips to Half Moon Bay and Indianapolis

All my time with my golden girl Moxie

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219 Treasure Hunt

As Tina announced last week, this week’s challenge is a Treasure Hunt. In the past, I have created a list of treasures to be found on my photographic journey. Now I will go through my images to uncover these treasures.


Moon peeking out!


Child looking forward to the future

Following her path. Brother tagging along.

Umbrellas of all kinds. But with the drought here the parasol is more useful.

Trucks of all kinds.

Maybe a bit young to drive!
Autumn in Truckee, Ca.

Walking along the street there are many things lost: a mitten, glove, glasses, soccer ball, baseball mitt, and bicycle.

Saw this busker many years ago while walking along Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Fisherman’s Wharf Bushman in San Francisco

I am always looking for reflections when I am near water, glass, mirrors, or shiny metals.

Maui, Ca.
Bodie, Ca.
My friends and I are out on a Scavenger Hunt in Old Sac.

I hunted through my library and found all these treasures. I hope you enjoyed my findings? Which photograph caught your attention?