Lens-Artists Challenge #240 The road (most often) taken

John set up this week’s metaphoric theme “The Road taken” – and not about a physical road. For this week’s challenge, he wants me to think of my favorite type or style of photography as the road I’ve chosen to take most often. 

I just returned from a CoVid delayed 8-day trip to New York City. Our last trip occurred in February 2014. We visited in the same season, but CoVid created many changes in the city. Last time I took most of my photographs using my Olympus OMD camera. I have since switched to the Fuji xt4, and I only brought my 18-55 lens. The cold weather dictated many indoor activities, and I found myself using my Apple iPhone 13 pro.

Looking up at the Empire State Building

I visited The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) specifically to view Berenice Abbott’s New York Album 1929. Eugène Atget, a French photographer influenced her, and when I looked at all the photographs I saw my “road”. My catalog includes similar images to those taken by Etget and Abbott. Street scenes, people, and animals capture my interest.

When I go anywhere, I document. I focus on a different or unusual way to see what is there.

Looking down from Zabar’s on Broadway and 80th Street
What kind of cheese are you interested in buying?
Line forming outside of Katz’s Deli. “I’ll have what she’s having!”
Going every which way at The Oculus.
Grand Central Station

Environmental Portraits that tell a story.

Street Musicians in New York City

The American Museum of Natural History
The Lucerne

Animals I meet along the way

I met Louise on a subway in N.Y.C.

My road documents many of the people, places, and animals I meet along the way. Hope you enjoyed the road I have traveled! Let me know.

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