Lens-Artists Challenge #241 Spring

This week Sophia invited me to show you what Spring means to me. Is it about new beginnings, nature reborn, or a new chance to go and enjoy the outdoors?
When I think of spring in Sacramento, I think of saturated colors. After our years of drought, California has seen generous dowsing of rainfall. Many of our old oak trees have been taken down because their shriveled roots could not hold up the tree. They are calling these rains “atmospheric rivers”. I say, everything in moderation. Nature is not listening to me.

First – Almond blossoms

Daffodils show up next

This usually got us going up to Daffodil Hill. But the crowds overcame the little town of Volcano, and the local farmer closed his farm to visitors. I remember times in the past when there were few visitors during the week. Too bad.

The Crystal Hermitage Gardens bloom with tulips.

Located in Nevada City, and this year tickets need to be purchased before the visit. This will limit visitors, and make the visit more tranquil.

This year the rainy season has created many changes. But soon the wildflowers will be on full display. Among my favorites are the Californian Poppies.

Full disclosure here – none of these photographs were taken this year. Plans to visit Ananda and the Crystal Hermitage Garden will happen in April. I missed the almond blossoms with all the rain we have been blessed with. My own plants are also waiting for things to dry up. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

When I sit outside with my coffee, and Moxie suns herself I hear many birds, That is enjoyable. But not something that my camera captures.

What do you like about the upcoming season?

5 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #241 Spring

  1. Wonderful collection of spring photos in all their glory. It’s a shame that big crowds are ruining some of the things you’d enjoy doing, it’s the same everywhere 😦


  2. Love the beautiful blossoms but yes, California’s weather this year is all over the news. So strange after so long without it. Here’s hoping normalcy returns soon allowing you to enjoy the wonders of spring


  3. You really had had your share of the rain. The almond orchard would be spectacular to see. Brilliant colors, and good information about expectations if traveling to this areas.

    I guess we can look forward to an April update? You should dry out by than and the fields should be abundant. Very nice.


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