Lens-Artists Challenge #243 It’s Tricky

This week, it’s Donna’s turn to host the Lens-Artists Challenge: It’s Tricky! If you’d like to fool us, this is your week. Otherwise, I hope I can inspire you, or trick you into joining the fun.

Water Reflections

Glass Reflections

Spherical Reflections

What do you see?


Ghostly Images

My dog Charlie will always be in my heart!
Who is crossing at the crosswalk?

The Great Escape

I am always on the lookout for images that can be seen in a different way. Sometimes I play with my shutter speed control. Sometimes the image unfolds throught a reflection on glass or water. Sometimes, the image is just a happy mistake. It all depends upon how you look at your surroundings.

4 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #243 It’s Tricky

  1. That is definitely a photo that takes time to study. And you are right, Marlene, it is fun to be on the lookout for images that can be seen in different ways. I love the happy mistakes. Thanks for joining us!


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