Scavenging Old Sacramento.

My right hand is on the mend, and I can once again hold my trusty D7100.  With Old Sacramento as the destination I joined my CTT friends in a Scavenger Hunt. 50 items and about 2 hours I didn’t give in to any pressure. I wanted to pay attention to how I captured the image.

This scavenger hunt added a photographic design element to many items. The usual suspects included rule of thirds, leading lines, and repeating patterns. The last item repeating patterns was actually repeated. More unusual ones: do what a sign says, you can smell it through the photo and topsy turvy pushed my creativity. And getting a very low perspective may have pushed my physical endurance on this warm September day. Probably would not have been able to get up!

Funny group pic!

See the list?  Funny Group Pic, one and done.

Careful, broken glass and tears ahead.

Careful, broken glass and tears ahead.


Something Scary. Getting in the spirit of Halloween!


Think we can catch up to the trains? Gotta hurry. Railroad tracks and leading lines.

Bicyclist following leading lines

Bicyclist approaching not ready to stop.

Reflection of me and my CTT friends.

My reflection with my CTT friends. (CTT = Camera Totin’ Tuesday) We are retired, so we photograph during the week when it is quiet.

Larger than life, but I still prefer the real thing!

Larger than life, but I still prefer the real thing!

Something cold the enjoy on a hot afternoon.

Enjoying something cold on a warm afternoon.

Love my creamy Bokeh!

Love my creamy Bokeh!

Can you smell the popcorn?

Can you smell the popcorn? Getting hungry! I also like the side lighting.

Bottoms Up!

Bottoms up! Here is my bottle.

He just wanted to park for a while.

He just wanted to park for a while. Here he does what the sign says.

Unusual number of Odd items

Unusual number of odd items.Pattern repeats.

Just tickled my fancy.

Just tickled my fancy.

This scavenger hunt produced some interesting results. It is a great way to get out, have fun, enjoy good company, and practice some good photographic techniques. I will keep this list for another time because it challenges me to look around and improve my images. Not much photo processing this time. Because I am getting used to holding my dslr I only used my 18-200mm lens this time.

Happy Snapping!

Looking Back, Looking Ahead!

Days of Atonement, clarity, introspection, meditation, taking in the moment are ways I see the High Holidays. The time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur serves as a time to take stock of the past year, and think about the future.

Usually I start with creating the ritual meal. Shopping items include chicken, matza meal, noodles, apples, gefilte fish, Manischwitz Concord Grape Wine, and a round challah (getting harder, and harder to find).  The meal takes a lot of preparation and while I chop and peel I remember the past year. The lose of my parents is with me daily. I do take some comfort in knowing they are together. But this time the holiday felt different.

In the process of moving I get to look at a lot of accumulated stuff. 47 years of marriage, 31years in the same house, and only in the past month have we become “empty nesters”.  I inherited much from my parents. I found some home movies from early 1960s that I transferred onto a DVD. Technology has come a long way from a Super 8mm film camera. Back to the time of silent movies with exaggerated movements.

October begins a new chapter for the Frankel’s with the move to Fair Oaks (6 miles away).  Not so much distance, but a reset nevertheless. Still don’t know exactly how we plan to arrange our “stuff”. Luckily we have a 3 car garage, and that is where our boxes will go. Then we have another chance to decide about stuff before it finds a place in our new home. I feel excited, and I hope that enthusiasm continues.

Selling a house is not fun.  My house has never been so clean. My Libby is into the routine, and as long as I have her food ready, she jumps into the car in a moments notice.  Trying not to take feedback personally. I just hope that process does not drag on. Listed for not quite a month, and it is starting to feel old. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t go overboard and pick up every little thing.  Thinking maybe that a watched pot does not boil, a spotless house does not sell? My mother would say, “You just need one buyer, and for every house there is one buyer.” Patience. My friend Anne came over and blessed my house to release any negative spirits that may be preventing its sale.  An open house is scheduled for Sunday.  We are doing all we can!

In the coming year I plan to research my family roots. I started my family genealogy while studying for my Libraian credential in 1983. That was before Internet, computer software, and the end of the Cold War. Now there are so many ways wto proceed. New documents are coming on line all the time. I joined the Jewish Genealogy Society of Sacramento and participated in 2 classes. I am not sure where this will lead. Perhaps a book documenting my family history. Maybe just continued research into the Shoah and its  meaning in my life. Maybe a way to establish connections with other researchers and librarians. I hesitate to involve myself in another group, but maybe I do this for just that reason – to overcome.

I’m not usually comfortable joining a group, but being part of my 2nd Gen group encourages me to try and feel a part of something bigger than myself. I learn, find support and appreciate my CVHEN (Central Valley Holocaust Educators Network) 2nd Gen friends. After so many years, I finally have people I can count on. Photography helped to crack through my isolation. Despite the difficulties I encountered I could use my camera to refocus my thoughts. Getting out with friends, doing something, and creating is the key. I hope I don’t let my friends down. I plan to be mindful and appreciate my friends.

Thinking back over the past year I tried, but may not have succeeded in taking a step back around my family. The role of care taker may have placed me a position of power, and I may have sent the message that I know what is best. There is a delicate balance between taking care, and allowing space. I plan to be more mindful of this. The balance between decision making, and indecision. Some decisions I made were hard, yet I made up my mind for what I hope will be best for my family.

As is said at this time, “May you be inscribed in the Book of Life.”

Organization and Exercise

Mail on January always starts off with the predictable envelop from my accountant. Just finishing off the bottle of champagne, and I am reminded of April 15th. The newspaper shrinks with all the advertisements gone. Now I am flooded with sales on exercise equipment, gym memberships, and information about what to eat and what to avoid eating.

Been eating my vegetables


Colorful Peppers

and salads, cooking chicken soup with kale, carrots, and celery, and enjoying a few desserts with my coffee.


Wonderful smells draws you into this candy shop


Watch as the chocolate is transformed into yummy goodness!

From department stores to supermarkets candy hearts replace candy canes.   Calendars make a brief appearance. Has the “smart phone” replaced calendars?  I know that I rely more on my phone when I make appointments. Stores bring out organizers of all kinds. I like containers, but I never had a collection of Tupperware. I keep most of my large glass jars to store food stuff. Not too many items come in glass anymore. Plastic bins keep my yarn organized. I use baskets for my camera equipment. My one magazine title finds a home in a basket, but this year the magazine goes digital. Too bad.   I replaced the space for a computer tower with three baskets for desk storage. I try to be organized, yet by the time I get around to my personal space I run out of minutes in the day. So my desk often suffers.  Furniture and household items from my parents downsize now have a useful place in my home. More ways to get organized. Best of all, my car now fits in the garage again. I missed pulling my car in to the garage with the wet, cold weather.

My most important organizing task falls to my new laptop.  I just upgraded to Lightroom and Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). I want to keep my photographs on a portable lhard drive and be able to work both at home and when I am away. I have been using both programs, and so now is a good time for this change. I need to add my filters, plug-ins and a couple of additional programs. I will report my progress, and explain how I made the leap. Not sure about the “cloud” thing yet.



Indianapolis Family Reunion (Part 2)

My parents moved to FountainWood Lodge, an assisted living residence and one week later I hopped on a plane to visit my husband’s family now living in Indianapolis. I purchased five tickets a couple of months ago for my husband David,

David's funny expression!

David’s funny expression!

son Joshua,


Too early. Need coffee!

grandson Lincoln,

Lincoln is ready to board the plane

Lincoln is ready to board the plane

and granddaughter Alyssa.

Alyssa await boarding the plane in Sacramento

Alyssa await boarding the plane in Sacramento

Early flight. First stop Las Vegas

Early flight. First stop Las Vegas

I’m the one taking the photographs.

Our destination

Our destination

My niece Sarah was coming from New York, her brother Gabriel arrived from Boulder, and brother-in-law Joe came from Florida.

Joe and Josh chill

Joe and Josh chill


Joe with kids Gabriel and Sarah, and the fabulous hamburger

The rest of the family lives in Indianapolis.

Grandpa and Grandson enjoy time together

Grandpa Matthew and Grandson Ari enjoy time together


Grandma Raena and Eitan together

Nelson stops by

Nelson stops by

Mercedes watches her son Ari

Mercedes watches her son Ari

Alyssa and Gabriella hit it off!

Alyssa and Gabriella hit it off!

Family keeps moving around. Can’t seem to keep track of where everyone lives. Thought Joe was living in Chicago, and it turns out he is in Florida. Our mini reunion in Las Vegas happened 4 years ago. Since then the family has grown by three. There is one more in the oven due in November.

Coming from the California drought, I love how green Indianapolis looks.



Family together, good food, new introductions, memories, old photos to see again, old photos to see for the first time, and relaxing together. I enjoyed capturing the moments.

Joe prepares his special hamburgers

Joe prepares his special hamburgers


Plenty of good food!


More food off the grill


Alyssa bakes cookies with her Aunt Raena

Alyssa bakes cookies with her Aunt Raena

Setting up for another great meal

Setting up for another great meal


David relaxing


Photograph approved by Raena

We visit the  family business, Accurate Manufactured Products Group.

Accurate Manufactured Products Group

Caught my reflection!

Matthew gave us a tour of his factory.

Raw materials used in production

Raw materials used in production


Factory floor

Factory floor

Tour ended when we saw the custom styled mega RV.


On Labor Day we visited Zionsville. Town settled in 1852 when the railroad extended this far west. It was named after a pioneer settler, William Zion. Located outside of Indianapolis. The main street now looks and feels like a village style downtown. Boutiques, art galleries, and locally owned restaurants line the brick street to encourage shopping and tourism. On this Labor Day not too much was open. But on Main Street we did enjoy ice cream at The Scoop.


Zionsville Clock

Zionsville Clock

This historic church is now for sale.

This once historic church is now for sale.


Couldn't resist those eyes.

Couldn’t resist those eyes. Missed my Libby.

I placed my digital files on my iPad, and sent along the files right away. Everybody connected to their devices.

Matthew watches Lincoln using a computer to visualize music.

Matthew watches
Lincoln using a computer to visualize music.

Gabriel keeping in touch

Gabriel keeping in touch

Time with devices

Time with devices

Good thing. Because when I got home I started part 2 of the down sizing process. More to come about “Stuff” in another post.

Time for goodbyes.

Short reunion is over.

Short reunion is over.

Until we meet again!