SS Red Oak Victory Ship

The SS Red Oak Victory Ship provides a rich venue for my photography during our afternoon in Richmond, California. Just a short drive from Point Richmond.

As soon as I found myself on board I was drawn to using parts of the ship to create frames in my compositions.  One afternoon is just enough time to get an overview photographically. I plan to return here and explore more of this ship.



Reflection in a port hole


Faces follow me!


As seen from the SS Red Oak Victory


By the dock of the bay



So much to see on board. These are just a few of the rooms I explored. A bit of humor found in the hospital quarters. I tried to imagine what it would be like to cook for the entire crew. The size of the mixer gave me a clue.

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Wandering up and down the hallway.


Life boat

New cars unloaded from ships, and heading for auto dealers here in the USA. Cyclists stop by on the dock. A sailboat taking in the tranquility of the afternoon.

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Last stop was the Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park. It didn’t look promising for a great sunset, so we headed home.


Anne and I take advantage of the late afternoon sun to show off some height!


A great day for history, fun, and good photography.


Want to get out of the heat? If you are in Sacramento and your looking at the 7 day forecast of triple digit temps, you may.

Remember, Sacramento has access to both the coastal area and the mountains. When I was in high school 5 decades ago I had a history teacher who came from California.  She told us that it was a 2 hour ride west and she could be surfing. Going east 2 hours she could be skiing. Coming from Long Island, N.Y. this sounded great. Well, I never surfed, or skied, but the concept that the climate could be that different impressed me. Last week my granddaughter spent the week at camp in Lake Tahoe. On Sunday June 11th it was snowing. Roads were icy, and we white knuckled it back home to Sacramento. My husband picked her us on Friday, the weather in the mountains had warmed up to the 80s. Yesterday in Sacramento we reached a record high for the date of 106. Happy for my air conditioning.

In Richmond, California there is a Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park. This is a gem of a museum. Lots to see, and it is easy for photographers to capture.   Easy to get to, easy parking, and if you have a National Park Pass admission is free.


National Historical Park


Richmond scene




There is a cafe right next door, but this time we decided to venture into Port Richmond. A local pointed us in the direction of a sandwich shop. After a salad sampler the streets of Point Richmond beckoned.

What I like about my outings and photography is coming home and diving deeper into the history of the places I visit, or learning more about my natural surrounding. I came across this interesting website, and learned more about this statue of an Indian in the center of a little park.


Second statue to be erected here.



Street of Point Richmond


Historic Hotel


You Are Here!


Point Richmond Reflected


Theater with Red Door


1910 Fire Station


Current Point Richmond Fire Station

We left Point Richmond, and found another cool place to explore, The SS Red Oak Victory Ship. More about that in my next post.

Copps Quarry

1611_01_coppsquarry_5115Getting out with fellow photographers helps me get a different outlook on life. It is time for me to relax. It is time to look outward. Stop worrying about family who seem to think I can wave a wand, and abracadabra all their wants will be delivered. All mysteries of the universe revealed by me. I am so powerful. Not!

Since my Dad passed away in September much time is spent with my Mom. Luckily my dog, Libby joins me most days. On Fridays I watch grandkids, and my one year old entertains residents at the assisted living facility with my Mom. So to get out of this routine I set aside at least one day a week to photography.

This time we explored a new place for me. Copp’s Quarry provided granite to San Francisco and Stockton for buildings. Closed in 1915 I explored narrow walking paths dotted with granite partially cut, a meandering creek, and Indian grinding rocks.


Where will this path lead?


Next time I will bring my new variable neutral density filter to improve the rushing water in this image.                         

Lots of fungus among us.

A close-up look at nature reveals faces to me.


Black eyed


Look at my perfect profile


The Lone Ranger look

Splashes of color grab my attention.

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Lizard sunning

What does this mean?


And now I have come to the end of this set of images.


Thank you for joining me on my recounted afternoon photo journey. Any words from you are always welcomed.





Jackson California Outing

Another Tuesday outing with my friends Anne and Greg. First stop is revisiting Michigan Bar Road.  The cool winter fog presents such a change in atmosphere in the images. The summer sun that beat down on me gave my photos shadows and highlights. Now winter fog and mist saturate colors. I grab a couple of shots of the curving road lined with barbed wire fence.

Michigan Bar Road Curves

Michigan Bar Road Curves


Dried wild flowers hug the barbed wire

Cattle grazes in the pasture.

Cows Grazing

Cows Grazing

Fall colors, a recent memory, are not visible. The color palette are grays, browns, and greens. Definitely have a feeling of winter approaching. Later in the week there is talk of a storm. I have heard this before. The drought here is real, and somedays I long for time to hibernate, and catch up on all kinds of projects. Then, I’m out shooting, and I am glad for the dry weather. Guess I should appreciate what I have since I have no control over weather anyway.

Farm animals got to listen to my “Julia Childs” voice as I call to them. I can tell they respond to my voice. The cows come closer, the horse looks my way. I am patient, and enjoy the time I spend trying to get a good image.

Cow Listening to "Julia Child" Voice

Cow Listening to “Julia Child” Voice

Slim Pickings for Cow

Slim Pickings for Cow

Do you like my earings?

Do you like my earings?

What's on the other side?

What’s on the other side?

Follow the leader.

Follow the leader.

Perfect rural setting

Perfect rural setting

That's what I think about that!

That’s what I think about that!

Love the markings on this horse.

Love the markings on this horse.

Next I concentrate on my landscape photography. I am using my tripod, and bracketing my shots. I capture 5 frames with different shutter speeds so that I can merge them using HDR  Photomatrix Pro 5 software.

Stopped at Michigan Bar Road farm

Stopped at Michigan Bar Road farm


Rural Landscape

Our lunch destination is Fat Freddy’s in Jackson California. The menu is simple. Carlos has been serving hot dogs here for the past 19 years. He started with a hot dog cart, and opened up “Fat Freddy’s” nineteen years ago in Jackson. Over a Kraut Hot Dog and delicious Cappuccino Milk Shake Carlos told the story as to how the place was named. His original thought was to name it “Wanda’s Wonder Buns.” This name was strenuously rejected by his wife Wanda. After some thought Carlos gave in and Wanda came up with the name “Fat Freddy’s”.  Seating is counter style and the tiny “hole in the wall” space is eclectically decorated.

Worth a trip to Jackson

Worth a trip to Jackson

Carlos, the owner of Fat Freddy's in Jackson Ca.

Carlos, the owner of Fat Freddy’s in Jackson Ca. Always ready for conversation.

Cappuccino Milk Shake @ Fat Freddy's

Cappuccino Milk Shake @ Fat Freddy’s. So thick and yummy!

Walked off lunch by strolling around town. Many retail establishments are   dressed up for the holidays, but on a Tuesday some places are closed. Lots of pedestrians window shopping.

Main Street in Jackson Ca

Main Street in Jackson Ca

Retail signage

Retail signage

Retail Signage

Retail Signage


St. Patrick Church in Jackson Ca.

Historic Plaque

Historic plaque tells an interesting story.

The Chamber of Commerce suggested that we stop at the National Hotel. The staff welcomed three photographers, complete with tripods. It felt like I had been transported back to a lavish Victorian era hotel around the  1860’s. The ambiance of lighting makes taking photographs challenging. I definately needed to use my tripod. For some of the images I bracketed 5 frames and then imported the files in Photomatrix Pro 5 from Lightroom. I hope I did the National Hotel lobby justice. If you are in the area this is a place to visit. I didn’t get to see the rooms, but I am tempted to make a reservation.

National Hotel

National Hotel

Majestic hotel lobby of the National Hotel

Majestic hotel lobby of the National Hotel

National Hotel Lobby in Jackson

National Hotel Lobby in Jackson

National Hotel ready for the holidays!

National Hotel ready for the holidays!

Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament Reflection


National Hotel lobby features this book. Any ghosts haunting this old hotel?

National Hotel

National Hotel Santa

This hotel retained many antiques which creates an interesting atmosphere. I have never seen this before.

Antique Cigarette Machine. Only 25 cents

Antique Cigarette Machine. Only 25 cents


Glass Work on door in National Hotel

Thanks for the hospitality in such a gracious hotel.

Before heading back to Sacramento we made one more stop along the way.

Leaving Amador County

Leaving Amador County

Defeat and Victory!

Tree fight it out.


Heading back to Sacramento. Fog is rolling in.

Heading back to Sacramento. Fog is rolling in.