Take Time and Stop

There is something to taking time to stop and smell the roses!” So as I take time, I will share some of my recent photographs of nature.

In the spring my photo group takes a trip north of Nevada City to Crystal Hermitage Garden. I am lucky to have this beautiful space so close to home. I make this an annual visit in the Spring and have blogged about this peaceful place before.

Tip Toe through the Tulips
Springtime at Crystal Hermitage Garden
Purple Hyacinth
Mt. Fuji Cherry Tree
Lake Tah

Pareidolia is the science behind seeing faces in everyday objects. I am particularly drawn to this type of photography. What does this say about me?

Who is looking down on you?
Just a splash of color contrasts with the rough texture.

Hope you enjoyed this natural pause in the day.

Pacific Grove here we come!

A couple of weeks ago we took the opportunity to head to Pacific Grove. Just a quick getaway for our 49th anniversary.

These two were engrossed in conversation. The light was right, and I took the shot.

Breakfast stop at Starbucks

Usually we stop near Gilroy to get some Bing Cherries. With the long rainy season the crop of Bings were delayed. All the end of season rain did not help with this crop.

Got some cherries, just not Bings.
Split cherries

Arrived in Monterey, and decided to explore Fisherman’s Wharf.

Boats awaiting destinations.
Tourists passing street musician.
Interesting way to repurpose a parking meter.
Getting hungry. Tempted with clam chowder.
Cute face!
Life altering copping! We needed to see what this was all about.
Great lunch/dinner. Not sure how my life has been altered? But my tummy was satisfied!
Got so busy eating that I didn’t catch a photo of the cioppino.
Had to grab this sign at another eating establishment. A whole lot of NO!
More street photography from Fisherman’s Wharf.

Our lodging this time was near Asilomar Beach.

The next day we decided to spend in Pacific Grove. Our grab and go breakfast did not make the cut. We went looking for something to eat.

Kind of a running joke. Often we enter somewhere new and follow signs that promise “Information”. But we usually find this not a very helpful way to go.
Interesting sign tells everyone not to play with wind chimes. But where are they? A little late, or did they remove them for safe keeping.
Peeking through the lattice.
Haircut Time!

Many buildings have found new purpose in Pacific Grove. The landmark store now is home to many businesses. This gas station has found a different kind of customer.

After walking along main street in Pacific Grove we head out to Lover’s Point. Sea Gulls and squirrels are unafraid of people.

I’ll pose for you!

Walking along I found some objects to capture my attention.

Got so close to these squirrels with my Fuji xt2 18-55mm lens.

No extra cropping necessary. We just watched each other.
Pretty soon another squirrel joined the party.
Lover’s Point overlooks Monterey Bay.

Watching season 2 of Big Little Lies. Looking for location shots.

Oh, to live near the water!

Ready for an afternoon snack. Belgium Waffle ordered and eaten.

Two forks. We shared this tiny waffle.

Caught a couple more images, and we head back to cottage to relax before dinner at The Fishwife.

Goodbye Pacific Grove. Time to drive home.

Driving next to us while we wait in traffic. Don’t want to end up like these cars.

Fun getaway. Guess I need to plan some more. Where do you like to go when you have a couple of days?

What draws me to the coast?

Living on Long Island I was always a half hour or less from the Atlantic Ocean. Then when I was in high school I lived within driving distance to the Indian Ocean. For the past 37 years I am living on the west coast and a 2 hour drive to the Pacific Ocean. I do not surf. Fishing is not my thing. Sunbathing is out of the question. So why do I need to feel that the ocean is accessible?Maybe I can find the answer in photographs.

It may have something to do with the crashing waves.

Rugged coastline off Northern California
Rugged coastline off Northern California

It may be the crisp salt air smell.

Kelp along the Mendicino Coast.
Kelp along the Mendocino Coast.

The fresh cool air after driving from the hot Sacramento Valley.

Farmland next to Gilroy Fruit Stands
Farmland next to Gilroy Fruit Stands

Fog and clouds vs. bright sun.

Foggy Carmel Beach still brings out the people and their dogs!
Foggy Carmel Beach still brings out the people and their dogs!

Or is it the coastal flora?

Bee buzzing around Pride of Madera
Bee buzzing around Pride of Madera

Lovely, colorful plants growing on the rocks
Lovely, colorful plants growing on the rocks

Colorful Daisies
Colorful Daisies

Point Lobos is located between Pacific Grove and Carmel. Natural beauty.
Point Lobos located between Pacific Grove and Carmel. Natural beauty.

Mendocino coastline
Mendocino coastline

Maybe it is the blues and greens.

Shades of Blue, Shades of Green. Peaceful view.
Shades of Blue, Shades of Green. Peaceful view.

Landscapes and seascapes never ending.

Beaufiul Mendicino
Beautiful Mendocino

Point Lobos
Point Lobos

Time to discover the animals on the coast.

“It’s my turn to talk.” “Your are interrupting my thought pattern!”

Harbor Seal wave hello off the coast near Point Lobos
Harbor Seal wave hello off the coast near Point Lobos

Whatever the reason, I’m glad that I am only 2 hours away from the ocean.