The Misadventures of Subi Blue / Thanks Costco

Last week my husband and I made the trip south to visit my family for the High Holidays. In preparation for the 8 hour trip, and the upcoming rainy season we bought 4 new tires for my Subaru Outback. This two year old car has about 32,000 miles and I guess the tires wear out quicker in the hot Sacramento sun.

Trip down was uneventful, but lengthy. We usually stop a Pea Soup Andersen’s and we almost missed it. Needed to be on I-5 and not 99S.

Pea Soup Andersen’s

Traveling through Los Angeles and into Orange County the traffic is unbelievable. Looking at all the single drivers I can’t imagine commuting daily to work. Listening to the traffic every 10 minutes there didn’t appear to be any freeway that way flowing. Accidents, cars on fire, people being airlifted, and more accidents. Lots of distracted drivers in the bumper-to-bumper parking lot. I just didn’t want to be one of them, and we weren’t. Yah!

This trip was planned as a time with family. Visiting with Ed and Leti in Laguna Nigel, we met up with my niece and nephew for dinner in Long Beach. On the way we stopped in Winchester at the Art Supply Warehouse. Leti takes art classes and wanted to get some supplies since we were close by. I have been looking all over for turquoise fountain pen ink for my Parker pen. And there it was.

Mural outside of Art Supply Warehouse

My nephew works for Swift, a subscription computer ap for cycling. Interesting tour of the inner workings of this business. Wonderful view of the city from high above Long Beach.

Arrived as sun was setting.
Amazing view of Long Beach

The star of the evening was meeting my very cute great niece Sidney. See for yourself.

Sidney kept removing her bow. Mom put it back on.

The next day our tour guide, Ed took us to Laguna Beach. Enjoyed the nice weather, and I got some photo time.

Love the sound of waves crashing.
Plein Air artist
Artistic bench. We did lock eyes!
The letter M
Cacti and Bouganvilla contrasted
World Trade Center Memorial

Dinner was served at a Persian restaurant Darya. Great meal, and a delayed birthday cake surprise! Belly dancer entertained us tonight. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to import a short video clip. So I used Luminar to enhance this photo.

Fantastic belly dancer

Dinner preparation started, and continued for the next two days. The only boxed ingredients was my wide noodles, otherwise recipes were created from scratch. I made Apple Lochen Kugel, and Leti cooked, and cooked, and cooked. Traditions between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews are quite different. Plenty of discussion about gefilte fish.

Giving us the fish eye. There is areason we needed the eye of the fish and no tail.

I guess, it may an aquired taste. I’m not fussy so everything was delicious.

Ok. So did I start this blog with Subi Blue and Costco? Took off at 8:45 am to miss the main commuter traffic into LA. But as soon as we got to Grapevine a light came on to let us know there was a problem with the tires. Our new tires. Found a gas station, checked the air and put in some. Light goes out, great. Light comes back on in about 45 minutes (about 60 miles later). Find another gas station, and more air in tire. Now we decide to look for a Costco. Using my iPhone directions we head to Hanford, Ca. Driving down roads in the middle of no where we drive about two hours. Passing places and towns, agriculture and desert sand. Of course we still needed to stop to replace lost air. Corcoran, Ca. has a gas station and we continue.

Subi Blue in Corcoran, Ca.

Arrive in Hanford. Plenty of cows, but we are not stopping for pictures. Mooo! Looking for East Lacey Blvd, and arrive at the destination according to my phone and it is a field. Can’t find Costco. Air is now leeking out faster. We stop at Wyndam in Visalia and get directions to Costco in Visalia. Guess we blew past Hanford!

Now is desperate need of air, we stop at another gas station, but the air pump is out of order. More directions, and finally arrive at Costco in another 15 minutes. Worried we might be driving on the wheel. Luckily there was one tire left in our size. Two hour delay where we dined on the usual Costco hot dog meal. With sourkraut. Thanks Anne. Replaced with same type tire at no charge, (road hazard warranty!), gassed up and we were ready to go. Thanks Costco and Ernie R. for getting us on the road so quickly.

Arrived home at 10:45 pm.

I haven’t left my house since Monday. So glad to be home.

Continuing up the California Coast

Leaving the Elephant Seal Rookery we drive up the coast until we reach the Big Sur closure. After massive storms in March 2017 Hwy 1 was cut off  between Cambria and Big Sur.  Big construction trucks pass us going south on Highway 1. Cal Trans has been busy working to reconnect north and south. I spoke to this employee and work is ahead of schedule. Opening may be in July.

She is here to open the gates for the construction trucks

Heading back to Cambria we stop and admire the foggy coastline.

Thick fog yet it was not cold or windy.

Graffiti boulder. I loved the colors and thought it worth a photo.

We happen upon another gem. And again, no parking fees. Yeah.

Took one look and decided that I would heed the warning.

Narrow uneven steps

Braver and younger take the trail to the beach.


This public art points at Big Sur.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A pretty garden path leads to a nice restaurant.


Pride of Madeira

Bougainvillea in my favorite color

Right outside the restaurant this bird was enjoying a dip.

Such a nice day exploring the Central California coastline. Quiet, no hassle, get away from the noise kind of day I needed.

Thoughts on Vacations: Anticipations, Trepidations and Expectations

When I am home and doing my day to day life I imagine getting away from it all. I start watching travel shows like The Amazing Race and the travel channel. The planning process for this trip takes three months . We considers grandkid’s school vacations, pet sitters availability and parental care needs. This time we arrive at a Spring get-away.

Given the wicked cold winter weather around the country we decide on Hawaii. Destination agreed upon I head to AAA. There I meet my travel agent, Phyllis, and together my trip to Maui formed.  I look through the AAA Tour Book, purchase Maui Revealed and started anticipating sights and sounds.  David plays surf music, and I look for swim wear.  This is really going to happen! It seems so far in the future.

Next haircut I think no fuss and go for a wash and wear, get out of the shower and forget the hair dryer, non straightening do.  My straight as sticks hair of my youth has changed into wavy, then curly, and now an even curlier version.  Perfect for the warm, more humid climate.

Suddenly, last minute preparations are made, and the vacation is at hand. Camera, sun screen, new summer crops and tees ready, and packed.

Bags are packed!
Bags are packed!

Now the trepidations occur. I know I will miss my dog, Libby. We go for a walk every day, and when that is not possible she is with me to make me feel right with the world. She is such a stress reliever. When I am not in my routine sometimes I get to thinking too much, and not in a good way. My parents are not doing well, and decide in the last minute that they need someone close by, and so I arrange for my brother to stay in Sacramento for a couple of days. This requires some changes to my planning, but that gets taken care of quickly.

Perfect Sentiments
Perfect Sentiments

Departing from San Francisco
Departing from San Francisco

Then I am reminded that when you leave home you often take your baggage with you, so to speak. As I said trepidations. At this point, I lower my expectations and think of this as just a quick 7 day trip. No wild zip lines, no scuba diving, and no submarine rides. Just some quiet time photographing sunsets, and interesting scenery.

Airport Art
Airport Art

Airport waiting
Airport waiting

As John Denver says in the song Leaving on a Jet Plane “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.. I’m leaving on an jet plane…”

Kahului here we come
Kahului here we come

Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

Next post, vacation memories!