Quick Get-Away to the Coast

A four day weekend presented itself last week, and my husband suggested a trip to the coast. Libby visited her friends at Carly’s, Alyssa went to her Mom’s and we were left to decide where to go.

Pacific Grove was fully booked, so I looked to Half Moon Bay and booked our accommodations. I last visited Half Moon Bay (HMB) 20 years ago. There we celebrated Joshua and Annie’s wedding on the beach. And exactly 20 years ago we also celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday. With those two celebrations I did not visit the surrounding area so this would be a new adventure.

Got an early start, and stopped for breakfast in Davis. Solomon’s Deli beckoned us.


Travel should take about two hours, but unfortunately this was Fleet Week and traffic was tough getting through San Francisco. No problem. David brought along cds of rare Doo-Wops, and we only had to figure out what lane to stay in to pay cash on the Bay Bridge. Seems like other travelers were having the same problem with lane switching going on. We let this stranded car ahead of us, and when we got to to toll we were told the driver had paid for us. Nice!


Bored with traffic delays so I got out my camera and had some fun with my camera. At home I played around just a bit with Luminar 2018.


Yerba Buena Island Tunnel

Montara State Beach was the first beach we stopped at.



Found this rock left in memory



Single perfect California Poppy

Arriving in HMB we found our hotel, and with nice weather, a balcony overlooking the golf course I sat outside and read.  Currently I am reading Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. Her words hit the paper beautifully. Drawn in slowly. Hints of a more powerful meaning are quietly dropped. I’m taking my time reading this novel.



View from our balcony


A swing and a hit

Explored the Main Street checking out the shops. Used my Fuji x100F for the street shots.


Main Street in historic Half Moon Bay


Since 1898. Imagine!

It is obvious that this town is gearing up for the big Pumpkin Festival happening next weekend. Glad we decided to beat the crowds. Plenty of orange happening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sam’s Chowder House was our dining destination. Ordered New England Chowder, and a Lobster Roll to share. Added a glass of wine and Key Lime Pie for dessert. So good!


Such a great day on the coast. Part 2 – coming soon! Tomorrow I’m off with my friends and camera.



Autumn around the Fountains

Getting back to looking at my surroundings from an unusual point of view. For a second time I would be shooting at the Fountains at Roseville.


Looking comfy


Moms workin’ it


Ghostly comings and goings in time for Halloween


Moose makes his appearance neath the palm tree

What do you see when you look at these images?


Love my dancing splashes


Curves and Drops


Colors and Textures


Simple Red Rose

Roseville Farmer’s Market provides many shooting opportunities.





Mum’s the word



The care this vendor has with his product is evident

Getting out again, and sharing my photographs. I call this a win-win. I’m ready for some more relaxing time.

Off to Apple Hill

Apple Hill, located midway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, is the destination for my adventure with my Senior Photo Friends.

There is a direct route to Apple Hill. Get on Highway 50 (east). Get off at Apple Hill exits. But when I travel with my friends we meander and find interesting spots. Quiet spot and crisp air signals a change in seasons.

Autumn alond the American River

Autumn along the American River

The stillness of the river provides a perfect opportunity for this yellow kayak.

Kayak reflecting

Kayak reflecting

Sailor Bar on the American River

Sailor Bar on the American River

Great textures on this tree

Great textures on this tree

Apple Hill supports many family orchards, wineries, and farms. At this time of year pumpkins abound, and all things apple are available. In the past, I brought my kids up to a U-Pick farm. On other occasions, my dog Libby joined me for a day in the country. Today, my camera set my focus.

Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard

These three will not end up in an Apple Pie, Walking Pie, or Caramel Apple. I like the texture and warm colors.

Apples Three

Apples Three

Pumpkin patch located at the Boa Vista Orchards.

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

The Larsen Apple Barn is one of my favorite spots for photography. This water wheel provides an interesting setting. This year there is no water. Drought is making its point here in Northern California.

Water Wheel found at Larsen Apple Barn

Water Wheel found at Larsen Apple Barn

With this photograph I tried my hand at HDR (High Dynamic Range). I also used Topaz Detail to process this image.

Larsen's Apple Barm Water Wheel

Larsen’s Apple Barm Water Wheel

I love the colors in this photograph. When I take a photograph I often look up additional information. In this case, I wanted to find out more about this colorful flower. This flower Gaillardia, or Blanket flower is a good choice for hot, drought conditions. This perennial is related to the Sunflower family and attracts butterflies, and bees.

Bees attracted to the Blanket Flower

Bees attracted to the Blanket Flower

Red Hot Poker attracts bees

Red Hot Poker attracts bees

The area behind the museum at Larsen’s Apple Barn provided great photo possibilities. Love the front of this old truck. Can’t help but see a face with lots of character.

Old Chevrolet

Old Chevrolet

Another old farm vehicle that I photographed and processed using HDR.

Farm Machinery

Farm Machinery

Late afternoon shadows captured.

Wheel and Shadow

Wheel and Shadow

Not a “Selfie”, but you can tell I was there!

Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow

Just liked the way this composition spoke to me.

Animal-Like Abstract

Animal-Like Abstract

At the ranch with my friends

At the ranch with my friends

We ended our day at the High Hill Ranch where many crafters were selling their art work.

Apple Hill is very busy on the weekends with more farms open, crafts sold, and wine tasted. I enjoyed the less hectic time to get out and take photos.