Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #217 Opposites

How many times have you heard the phrase “opposites attract”? Having heard it, have you ever really thought about it? Whether yes or no, this week Tina challenges me to focus on it by sharing some examples of opposites through my images. I never know where my mind will go with these challenges.

My first photograph is that of a LAPC host Anne who is currently enjoying (I hope) a well-deserved photo getaway.

The photographer is being photographed!
Seeing differently
Looking down. Seeing outside from inside!

The next images were taken at the Aerospace Museum of California located in Sacramento. A great place to take your photography to the next level. For my second image titled Real Plane, I used Photoshop to merge for the HDR needed to see outside the windows.

These challenges let me see my images in a new light. The more I look at my forest image the more I like it. It may be due to our drought and heatwave. Rain is in the forecast this week.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Ohmega Salvage is located in Berkeley Ca.

Some more opposites to ponder. There are examples of opposites wherever I look!

New Harley-Davidsons. Just the opposite of my featured image!

Did I get you thinking about all the opposites around you? Yet, so many had the same beginnings.

Thank you for visiting my take on opposites. Please leave me a comment!

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #217 Opposites

  1. Thanks for sending! When you get assignments, it opens the eyes to seeing things all over in a new perspective! Happy and Healthy New Year to all!!!


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  2. What a super post Marlene – I loved your choices for the week. The cars – which indeed started in the same place – are great and I also loved the repurposed bathroom fixtures. Terrific. didn’t realize you knew Anne, thanks for featuring her!!


  3. Fantastic. Unique take on the subject. I loved the words that explained what you were doing. A photographer being photographed, one mans trash is another treasure. And I agree. I think this challenge does help us look at our photos in a new light. All the repurposed items you took photos of are fun. Well done.


      1. hey Marlene. … I have tried to follow you a few times and it alloys says “try again later.” Not sure if something is hung up. I enjoy you site and wonder if others are having the same hiccup. If not. I will keep trying. Donna

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