Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #233 One Lens Walk

Anne challenges me to take a lens for a walk. Yes, choose a lens and walk. You can also use your cell phone or point-and-shoot camera and see what you can do with it. Another trick when using a zoom lens is to pick an aperture and stay with it. I accept this challenge.

My photography friends and I headed out of town Sunday. Our destination – Vacaville. I brought along my Fuji xt4 with my 18-55mm lens and my iPhone 13 pro. In my first group of photographs, I kept my aperture set at f 8.

Aperture f 8

Lone Lady Bug

Most Used Focal Length

Meet Xinea

Two Cameras

Taken with iPhone 13 max

Wren’s Cafe in Vacaville

So ends my photographic look on my one lens walk. Looking forward to continued sunshine this coming week, at least. Gives the gardens and dog parks time to dry out. My Moxie wants to run and play outdoors.

5 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #233 One Lens Walk

  1. A very creative approach Marlene – using 2 lenses for one image. Great opportunity for comparison. Interestingly I prefer the composition in the second but the lighting in the first. One of the nice/frustrating things (depending on the shot) about the iPhone is that it lights the subject for you automatically. Your photo walk was a great opportunity for this week. Excellent post!!


  2. I loved that you showed us the capabilities of your different lenses. I prefer the iPhone photo of the two. Great idea to compare. I think it’s great feedback for what we prefer in our personal photography. Well done.


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