Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234 Messages

Donna asked me to search for messages in photography this week. The options are endless. Does the message from your last fortune cookie resonate with you? Clouds? Does street art, neon signs, or storefronts grab your attention? What about the underlying messages from marketing logos, or the message you want to portray in your photography.  Just have fun! This blog hits my photographic pursuit ideally.


People leave signs along the way. A message, I was here!

Signs of Peace and Love

February 14 and hearts abound

Walking about I see hearts in nature

Hearts were created to show the loving spirit

I love this image. Someone took the time to create this public art piece
Display of glass hearts

I collect stone hearts and they sit in my room in a candy dish. There are some things that you don’t really know about its history. You just know that it has been with you your entire life. It holds my love stones perfectly.

Here is my dish of love stones with my parent’s photograph
Sending love
Permanent display of love, anyone?


Love Locks on a bridge in Fair Oaks

So ends my small contribution to messages I find all around me. I stayed with positive thoughts, and I finish with the many faces of my Moxie. Her face is so expressive.

Are you done working on the computer? I really am not interested in another photograph.
Ok. Just one, and done!

5 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #234 Messages

  1. Before I comment on the rest, I just want to say your feature photo made me smile.

    Oh, sweet Moxie, mama is done.

    I love the smily faces, the cairns, and I so agree with the bacon sign. And like you, Marlene, I love hearts found in nature. The puddle was unique. And so special to see you collect love stones. What a vast collection of love messages you shared with us, especially with Valentines around the corner. Thanks for coming along.

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  2. Some wonderful messages this week Marlene – I especially loved all of your hearts. I have a friend who has a heart-rock collection that’s amazing as is yours. Also really loved your smile messages – great way to start my day 😊


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